Celebrating 2110 Followers on Twitter!

Some people think Twitter is for people that don't have anything better to do. Others think it's an invaluable source of information -  I belong to the last category: it just all depends on who you follow. I'm quite sure the PureViewClub would not have grown so fast without Twitter.

Now if you've been following @PureViewClub for a longer time, you know I don't celebrate the amount of followers by mere round numbers, but by Nokia model numbers. November 2nd I celebrated having 1610 followers, and the obvious next goal woul be also be named after a famous model, the Nokia 2110.

Well, quietly, yesterday I reached that amount of followers... Not only do they receive a tweet as soon as I've posted something new at the club, of lot of my followers send me information and of course their great shots with the Nokia 808 PureView or Nokia Lumia 920 - and you know I'm always happy to retweet great shots.

So what should my next goal be? 3210? 3310? 3410? 3510? From these I've only owned the 3210, but we all know the 3310 has become an indestructible myth... What do you think? Should 3310 be the next goal to celebrate? :-)

This shot is from my collection of Nokia models by the way, I captured them all with the Nokia 808 PureView and posted those  shots here. You might want to have a look at them.

PureViewClub is also  on Facebook (please like), and - obviously - on Twitter. Don't hesitate to follow and join the club! :-)