Looking back on 2012: start of the PureViewClub

The end of the year is always a great moment to look back. Thing is, the PureViewClub doesn't really have a complete year to look back upon... The "conception" of the club took place during this years Mobile World Congress in Spain, with the announcement of the Nokia 808 PureView, that totally blew me away, being an amateur, but fanatic mobile photographer.

I figured I probably wasn't the only one to look forward to the device, and I decided to try and build an international community around it, in a broader way - not "just" the device itself, but PureView technology in general, counting on more PureView devices in the future. In April I started the PureViewClub and everything I thought would be necessary to support the blog:  Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo.

First of all, I have to thank my friend Peter Buijsman for all the time he spent on building (and maintaining) the PureViewClub as well - putting up with my ever changing demands and finally thinking of the best WordPress theme to use. I started blogging and was behind my PC for almost everyday since, even during holidays, because I felt "this could be the start of something new". And it took some time to catch on, but eventually it did.

First shots, first videos, first device
Second person to thank: Jurgen Thysmans, Nokia's marketing manager Benelux at the time. He liked the whole concept a lot and was in fact the first one to share his own shots at the club - the Nokia 808 PureView was not available anywhere, but he was testing it already and sent me some great shots and videos.

He sent me shots from flowers at the Floriade (above) and three great concert recordings made during the famous Dutch Pinkpop Festival, with Mumford & Sons and Seasick Steve. I'll embed the first one below:

And it was Jurgen as well, who called me one morning in June to ask if I would be interested to pick one up... Well what would you have said?

On June 7, I became the first blogger worldwide  to get his hands on the Nokia 808 PureView. I was so excited to share the very first unpacking shots, I didn't take the time to get the PureViewClub name in them... That proved to be an eye-opener. Some blogs mentioned the club as the source, some didn't think that important, some even pasted their own blog's name in them...

Consequently, the PureViewClub could publish the first results, like from a lovely husky, that immediately became "famous" since the picture returned on many blogs, like in the article by @stevelitchfield on  AllAboutSymbian.

Another quite early result many people appeared to love was an 8 minute video I recorded from my car in the carwash. Not only because of the incredible colors, but also the amazing sound of Rich Recording, giving people the impression they were sitting in the car themselves.

A new "Lumia" logo

The first logo was my own and after a few months it was apparant it simply wasn't good enough. Having no budget to afford a designer, I think I was very lucky to find Bharadwaj willing to design a new logo for the club that was launched October first. I'm still very happy with it, and it appears the club's visitors are too, since I get no more complaints since the site has been refreshed.

The new logo was based on the first colors Nokia published for the Nokia Lumia 920, and of course the well-known silver plate around its lens. I didn't have the Nokia Lumia 920 yet, and was becoming quite frustrated by all the reviews on many American sites.

The Nokia Lumia 920
But on November 6 (exactly 5 months after I got the Nokia 808 PureView), I could publish the unpacking shots of the Nokia Lumia 920 I bought the day it was available in Germany. A few weeks later I could publish my Review of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 here, translated from the Dutch original with the help of @MFaroTusino.

The review didn't go unnoticed - I was happy enough to be featured by Nokia Conversations several times this year, I'm grateful author Boc Ly has often found new ways to pay attention to the PureViewClub.

First it was about my love at first sight, secondly the club was mentioned in a comparison of the Nokia 808 PureView with the DSLR, the third time was about my "verdict" on  the Lumia 920 review, and in a fourth post they shared some of my Lumia 920 shots, like the one from Amsterdam at night...

Content and PureViewClub Forum
There's so much content available at the club - this is post nr. 577 in about 6 months, you can have a look at  the archives to see if there is a headline that inspires you to read. With the buttons on top, I tried to make it easier for you to get the info you're looking for. Also, there is a " roundup"  of some previous posts I think are worth your time. And there's a welcome post for new "members" of the club, explaining where you will find what.

Talking about members, I'd like to point at the PureViewclub Forum (also maintained by Peter Buijsman), where at this moment 271 members are sharing their experience with the Nokia 808 PureView and the Lumia 920. And talking about the Forum, of course I have to refer to the HDRapp that was more or less born there.

I have to thank Peter Meijs for his fantastic article about how to make HDR shots with the Nokia 808 PureView. And he wrote a fantastic review of the HDRapp as well! I had the honour of offering this highly anticipated app as an " exclusive" at the PureViewClub. For this I also have to thank Jeff Vader and Alexandro Lacadena, who made and designed the HDRapp.

Damian Dinning
And talking about exclusives, I have to thank Damian Dinning, who gave me an incredible exclusive at the PureViewClub. After the news leaked out the "Guru of PureView" would be leaving Nokia, there were a lot of rumours about his reasons to do so. Would he choose Apple, Samsung or Jolla?

To put an end to all that, he decided to publish a statement, and he asked me if you would be willing to run it... Well, what would you say? I posted Damian Dinning to be joining... on november 24, and soon the PureViewClub was just about everywhere - the club was even mentioned on Reuters, I later understood later - not bad for just another WordPress blog, right? :-)

That month, the amount of visitors at the PureViewClub exploded, of course. And still, I welcome several thousands of visitors from literally all over the world every day. An amazing experience I must admit: seems I was right suspecting many more would love what Nokia had to offer with PureView technology. The Nokia 808 PureView really has become the incredible sensation I expected it to be after the announcement.

I've been sharing my own shots and videos and as much as results from others I thought would be useful for the readers to really get to know the device and the amazing things it's capable of. Once more, please see my sets in Flickr for all shots I made with the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 920, and check the PureViewClub channel on YouTube.

There is a Vimeo channel too, but I've understood you can't access it from every country. Don't forget to check out the PureViewClub Group on Flickr, where 132 members now share their results with the Nokia 808 PureView (or Lumia 920).

A few more acknowledgements "thank you's"
There are so more photographers I've gotten to "know" since the PureViewClub started! I'd like to mention a few whose work I've been honoured to feature at the club.

Here you'll find my posts about Richard Dorman, James Burland (England), Detko Dave (Hungary),  Chani Mehrotra (India), you shouldn't miss the brilliant shots and videos from Topolino70 (Finland), I shouldn't forget the great work of  Abdul Rehman (Saudi-Arabia), and I'm happy to once more introduce Baron Chat (US). And I have to thank Nikhil Joshi (India) for always feeding me tips (from his iPad).

But I'm not done yet!

Also, I have to thank the PureView team over at Nokia for their enthusiasm and support: Eero Salmelin, Juha Alakarhu, Ari PartinenKristina Björknäs and Samuli Hanninen in Finland and Sebastiaan van Silfhout, Leon Boshuizen and Paul Mols in the Netherlands, supported by Stella Jansen, Linda van Aalten and Inger Hund from Progress Communications.

Of course, I have to thank my wife Marlies and daughter Lotte, for putting up with a husband and father who never seems to stop posting about his PureView passion...

And last but not least: thank you, reader, for visiting this site. I Hope you'll keep coming back for more, and that the PureViewClub will continue to grow next year!

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a fantastic 2013!

Happy holidays,


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