Nokia 808 PureView: shots from Australia

Since I have a PureViewClub fanpage on Facebook, I get messages like from Saeed Afzal from Australia, who wrote: "I am a big fan of PureView 808 and The PureviewClub even though the Nokia 808 is not launched in Australia. I appreciate the work you and the other members are sharing on the wall and I daily check the latest update. I also wanted to participate like others, so I thought I should get some shots with my lovely 808."

Well, thank you very much Saeed, and consider them shared :-)

You can't get the Nokia 808 PureView in Australia, so Saeed had to get a friend from Pakistan to bring one with him. Saeed asked me to post his pictures on the Facebook wall, but I think they're certainly worth sharing at the club, don't you?

And I got his permission to share all his shots on the PureViewClub Friends Set on Flickr, so you can have a look at all his great panorama's, like the one below.

(PureViewClub is on  Twitter and  Facebook)