Engadget: Nokia Lumia 920 camera fuzziness getting fixed in next update

Just a very short update to point you to the excellent Engadget where they have some fantastic news: the upcoming update to PR1.1 is going to get the camera fuzziness of  Lumia 920 fixed. I will just quote one part of ther post I borrowed the picture from as well (below)

This weekend we obtained an exclusive set of identical pictures taken with two Lumia 920 handsets -- one setup with the existing PR1.0 firmware, the other running the upcoming PR1.1 update . Here's the great news: looking at these sample shots (see crop above), it's abundantly clear that Nokia's fixed the camera's fuzziness problem.

The not-so-great news is that we're still seeing some issues with white balance. Nokia US recently hinted on Twitter that an update is scheduled "this month" and our source confirms that it's indeed PR1.1. The new software also includes many stability, LTE and web browsing improvements, plus Microsoft's own tweaks (such as declining calls via SMS).

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