Nokia Lumia 920 in ice cold Finland and Estonia

This morning I promised three posts with some great shots, but somewhere I forgot only two of those would be featuring the results of the Nokia 808 PureView. The pictures in this post are shot with the Nokia Lumia 920 - in Finland and Estonia, where  it is so much colder than here in the Netherlands at the moment.

Photographer is Juho Ruhuola who shared some pictures of Kerava (his home town in Finland) and of a trip to Tallinn in Estonia - yet another city I would love to visit, but I will wait for a great summer to do so :-) First the shots from Kerava in Finland

Next, the shots from incredibly beautiful  Tallinn in Estonia.

Hope you liked these shots as much as I did!

It's amazing really, the last days I've been sharing shots from Australia, EnglandSaudi ArabiaFinland, Sweden and Estonia (in this post). Now I'd like to share some shots from both Americas, more of Europe and lots of the so much warmer Far East - keep 'm coming! :-)

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