Introducing Baron Chat and his fascinating Nokia 808 PureView Photoblog on Tumblr

This post is about a photoblog on Tumbler that absolutely fascinated me: one was. one wasn't. I think you'll like it since it these shots give you quite a different view on life, and almost al pictures are made with the Nokia 808 PureView.

I was so intrigued by his work that I asked the photographer - Baron Chat (38) from Los Angeles, TheMalfeasant on Twitter - a few questions which he was kind enough to answer. I will quote his answers in full, illustrated with some of the pictures from his blog.

So this is more "a portrait", than just another post, and you'll see Baron is just as a fanatic "mobile photographer" as lots of us are (including myself). So I like to introduce you to photographer Baron Chat, from one was. one wasn't.

Baron Chat writes:

"I live in los angeles, where I write, take photos, and am working on a few creative projects (more on that in a bit). I'm a self-taught photographer who began my intense affair with photography on another nokia phone, the N8-00, when I fell in love with its image quality. (next shot)

I've always had a fundamental love for photography but grew up with the misconception that you needed a lot of gear to take a great shot. the N8 really changed that for me. Since then, I've been deeply passionate about producing the best pictures I can, without a "big camera".

Soon after, I purchased a Ricoh GR D3 for street and close up work, but while I love to shoot with it, there are just too many occasions when it's not practical to carry a phone and a camera. I also just like to keep it light. The Nokia 808 PureView is a dream to me, as it's almost like carrying a "big camera" in my pocket.

And while it doesn't have the full manual adjustments on my Ricoh, it more than makes up for it with stunning image quality. The Nokia 808 PureView is the best camera I own at the moment, and I intend to shoot with it for a long time.

It helps that it also has terrific call quality and reception, something I've found woefully lacking in my previous smartphones: two iPhones and a blackberry!

Since I started shooting with the N8 in may of last year (I only began this blog last month, after I received my 808), and now the 808, people have told me they love my pictures, and are often shocked when they ask what camera I use. I've gotten a few "do you use Canon or Nikon" questions from other photographers or enthusiasts, and nobody expects me to reply "Nokia".

It's quite a shame that so few people in the U.S. are even aware of these phones and what they can do, as we all seem to live in an iphone/android world these days, but I’m happy to provide anyone who values great image quality with something to chew on when they make their next phone purchase.

If I sound like a fanboy to anyone out there, forgive me; I’m not, really. But I’m sure it's understandable why Nokia camera phones will always have a place in my heart.

Not only did the N8 ignite in me a passion for taking pictures, those pictures also got me noticed as a photographer, and since then i've been asked to contribute to a photography book for an art gallery on Melrose, and will be making my directorial debut on two music videos in the next few months (directing photography on one, directing the other).

I feel very blessed. I’m also working on an illustrated series currently in progress that uses photography as a huge element, and it appears that the Nokia 808 is more than up to the task of handling 80 or 90% of the shots, while the rest will inevitably require an interchangeable lens camera.

Why I called my Tumblr blog "one was"… Well, the provenance of "one was" comes from half of a phrase, that a dear, Iranian friend taught me: "yeki bood, yeki na bood", which translates to: one was, one wasn't; once upon a time, not once upon a time...

It was a way old stories and poems began back in Iran/Persia; something mystical, that may or may not be true, or may or may not have happened, or may actually be unfolding somewhere, some time, even now as we speak.

I just think it's beautiful in its ambiguity. As a writer, I’m always in search of a narrative. as a photographer, I love to shoot things I see on the street, as well as attempt to capture or steal memories, or something that could be a dream. So it just seemed perfect to borrow the phrase.

To conclude: a lot of the editing I do is on the in-camera app, though I use lightroom for watermarks & some highlight or noise control, etc., as the 808's editing app is (oddly) less featured than the one on the Nokia N8."

Baron Chat

And that's how Baron Chat was kind enough to answer all my questions. I'm amazed that all this has only started such a short time ago, and very impressed with the quality of his photography - and to realize it was the Nokia N8 that made him discover his remarkable talent.

Baron is a very humble person who kept stressing he was honoured with my compliments. Well, I'm at least as honoured to be able to feature his work at the PureViewClub, a modest community that has grown into a worldwide stage I think his talent deserves.

I hope you agree with me , I'm curious to read your reactions below, and I'm sure Baron will be too. Once more, you'll find all his shots on  one was. one wasn't. It's not all PureView you will find there, but f you like artistic photography, I'm sure it's worth your time to keep an eye on it!

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