Update for Nokia Lumia 920 looks promising

Great news for the early owners of the Nokia Lumia 920: an important software update is on its way. I wrote about the news Engadget brought yesterday, and today I saw  WPcentral was brave enough to flash their own Lumia 920, and they published some very interesting shots today.

Now being glad about this update also means acknowledging there was a problem. And I have to admit it wasn't always as easy to get a sharp shot the first time - yes, I've seen quite a bit of "fuzziness" as well. But I wasn't just confident, but sure a software update was going to take care of the issue. And it wasn't just blind faith, I just didn't know when...

But now it appears the update is to be expected this month even - that is within 2 weeks, and I'm really looking forward to it I must admit. To share the results WPCentral achieved with it, I'll share their great example shots below. To be sure: the shot on the left is made with the current version, the one on the right with the updated version.

Example 1  Example 2  Example 3  Example 4  Example 5  Example 6

I can't wait, to be honest, although I'm still very happy with the results of my Lumia 920 (below). You may have seen them before on this blog, but mind you, these were all of them shot before any update... I'm just posting them once more to prove my point.

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