Lumia update rolling out in US & Canada. Other continents "early February"?

Nokia Conversations today published an interesting article about the  Lumia update in the US (AT&T) and Canada (Rogers) for the Lumia 920 (and 820).

First, I'll quote the good news:

Today’s update brings the following enhancements to the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820:
- Enhancements in Messaging
- More efficient and reliable Bluetooth connectivity
- More efficient and reliable start-up sequence
- Enhancements in imaging performance and battery management
- Additional platform updates and enhancement

That I like. This I don't:

Although this update is initially available for owners on AT&T and Rogers in North America, we haven’t forgotten about Lumia owners in other markets. Rest assured, we are working with Microsoft and our operator partners around the globe to ensure the highest quality software updates for our family of Lumia smartphones. Together with Microsoft, we aim at beginning to deliver these updates to other markets in early February 2013.

Wait... what? "Aim at beginning to deliver in early February?"

Fact is, where I live you can't even get the Nokia Lumia 920. In the Netherlands it will be available somewhere in January.

But when you live in Germany or France or the UK, chances are you've been working with the Nokia Lumia 920 since November - just like the US and Canada. And when you live in one of these "lauching markets", I figure it's hard to swallow you'll have to wait for this update for at least six more weeks... Lots of owners in Germany aren't even tied to an operator!

So now, I'm asking Nokia and Microsoft to aim again. Beginning of february is very late and sending out the wrong signal to possibly the most loyal fans in Europa and other continents.

PS I borrowed the illustration from MobileFanatics Network. Would have loved to make that shot myself. Now you know why I can't for at least six more weeks :-/