A videoclip shot with the Nokia Lumia 920

Got mail from Norway, pointing me to this Norwegian site where they feature a videoclip shot with the Nokia Lumia 920, in a room with low light. It's interesting to see, although I have to add that translating the Norwegian text I learned that the material is not unedited.

Director Anders Øvergaard recorded the music the Danish (!) (by Benjamin Dante, Mads von Froberg and Jonas Jarlkov) with external microphones, and (as you will see) he even used a kind of Steadicam (handheld camera tripod with stabilizer) for optimum shooting. Also, contrast and colors were changed in the final edit.

So really all we have is the Nokia Lumia 920 recording as "source", and though the result is still quite impressive, I would like to see the raw material too. And using a Steadicam, it would have been interesting to see how the Nokia 808 PureView would have captured this song.

So a lot of its ands and buts, but I'll share it here anyway, since I think the result is still remarkable - this could have been done with a professional camera as well - and it's a catchy song too :-)

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