Out Now: CameraPro for Windows Phone 8!

Quite frankly, I never used CameraPro very often on my Nokia 808 PureView. I felt the original menu had more than enough to offer to fit my needs.

With the camera interface of Windows Phone 8 on the Nokia Lumia 920, it's a totally different story. Here you won't find anywhere near all the options that were available on the Nokia 808.

And that´s where CameraPro from Tecunique comes in. This app is a beast. It will cost you a bit of money (€2,50 in Europe), but I think the screenshots below will show you it's a bargain.

I didn't have time to work with it a lot (yet), but I'm sure I will the coming days, and my guess is you will too if you own a Windows Phone 8 device. I locked myself up in a dark room to make the best possible screenshots for you :-)

First the general menu you get when opening the app:

Much more screenshots after the break!

First, one I competely missed the first time: many different aspect ratios and sizes:

Several possibilities in White balance mode and Scene mode:

Manual exposure time from 1/16000 until 1/2:

Six different settings in Focus mode:

Yes! Also Bracketing in Camera mode:

Many different extra settings:

Here's how you can check your horizon:

Horizon combined with Grid:

Horizon, Grid and Compass combined:

Exposure compensation from -12 to 12 steps:

ISO rate from Auto, manually adjustable from 10o to 3200 ISO:

And a few screenshots of the general settings you can adjust:


I don't think I got screenshots from all possibilites, but I feel confident you get the general idea. I feel quite sure this app is worth your money - and, no I'm getting paid for promoting it (heck, I'd be rich by now if I had ever been paid for all promotion here :-)

I'm don't know (yet) if the results you get with CameraPro (with all settings on auto) are better than when you use the standard Windows Phone application (on auto). But it's quite clear you'll get a lot more possibilities to get the best out of your device. Still, it´s quite frustrating Europe will have to wait for the update tot PR1.1 for the Nokia Lumia 920.

To conclude: I could have made these screenshots with the PureViewClub logo in the background, but those would have been messy and less easy to read. No doubt, soon you will find these screenshots on many other sites - so be it: it's not my own design after all, and the more get to know about this app, the better it is I guess.

Update: before you buy, CameraPro does NOT seem to work on the HTC Windows Phone 8X! Not the one I'm testing anyway.

Once more here is the link to CameraPro. I hope you'll enjoy it, and I think it won't disappoint you!

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