Weekend watch.... At the car wash! (Again! :-)

Weeks ago I did some OIS testing racing around with the Nokia Lumia 920. I sort of hoped the rain would take care of the dirt on my car, but it didn't. So last week I finally headed for the car wash. Again.

You may have seen this video I shot at the car wash with the Nokia 808 PureView, so now that I was there again, why not shoot more or less the same video with the Nokia Lumia 920? I didn't do a side by side comparison (alas, I didn't have the second car holder with me...).

So this is the result I got from the Nokia Lumia 920. For comparison, I'm embedding the Nokia 808 video as well - it's much longer, but it gives you the chance to do some general comparison. You might even get both videos  running more or less parallel - try to start the new video (920) when the first one (808) is at about 2 minutes.

Try to watch these vids at 1080p (Full HD), and don't be afraid to turn up the sound!

As a bonus I'll throw in Rose Royce's great song Car Wash featured in the movie from 1976 :-)

At the car wash with the Nokia Lumia 920

At the car wash with the Nokia 808 PureView

Bonus: Car Wash by Rose Royce - Movie Clip

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