Nokia 808 PureView: Winners in Creative Mode

Wow. What can I say. 170 entries from all over the world, so many people really doing their creative best to win a Nokia 808 PureView in the PureViewClub Creative Mode Contest.

I've been reading a lot of poetry, many people describing how good the Nokia 808 PureView is, some even wrote several entries - and now it's up to me to decide who the winners are... Never thought that would be so tough to be honest, knowing to disappoint so many people...

Still I feel confident I've picked to worthy winners.

First Winner

David Detko from Hungary. He wrote his poetic entry illustrating it with  the shots he made when he had the Nokia 808 PureView during an all too short trial period. In the past, I've featured several of his shots here at the PureViewClub, so many here will more or less "know" his work already.

I really think he is incredibly talented, and also with the results from his N9 he is one of the best Nokia ambassadors I know. In fact I believe Nokia should have given him the 808 PureView long ago, and now that Nokia is giving me the opportunity to do so, I can't resist his talent myself.

This is what he wrote (I linked to the shots he used as illustration, be sure to watch them as well, and you'll understand why I admire his work so much):

Let nighttime 
or daytime,

let eternal 
or unrepeatable moment,

Live in the world with an open eye
and discover it!

Be patient 
and creative,

… leave the rest to Nokia 808 PureView! ♥

And if you've seen all those shots but you're still not convinced why I truly  believe David Detko deserves a Nokia 808 PureView, check this :-)

The second winner

Philip Xenakis from the UK crafted a very cunning short poem in which he used an "acrostichon":  the initial letters of the lines form the word Nokia, whereas the last line opens with 808 PureView.

The ABCBCA rhyme scheme is interesting and no too obvious. In all, I even had to look a few times to see how creative his entry was. It happens to be the second entry in this competition I now announce as the "second best" :-)

No detail left uncaptured
Optics that inspire confidence
Knowledge, the key
Innovation through free-thinking persistence
All the difference it makes to me
808 PureView reasons, enraptured

So that' s it! Congratulations David Detko and Philip Xenakis, you will be contacted soon! Thanks to all for entering this competition, I'm truly honored with all you effort and creativity!


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