Last post of 2012: zooming in with the Nokia 808 PureView vs Samsung Galaxy Camera

No, this is not a completely fair comparison. Not at all in fact, and I know it. But I was asked to do it and you all know I aim to please. Moreover, I'm the curious kind of person.

Recently I tested the maximum zoom capacity of the Nokia 808 PureView to compare it with the 21x optical (!) zoom of  the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

In general, I think it's nice for once to compare the Nokia 808 PureView´s capacities with those of a compact camera, and since I can still use the Galaxy Camera, I don´t think you'd mind this comparison either.

Now from the word "optical" you've already concluded this won't be fair, but still it's interesting to see how the Nokia 808 PureView can hold up to this kind of hardware. Here we go. It's just a couple of quite boring shots in fact.

First the originals. This is the resized version of the Nokia 808 PureView in full resolution (yes! I forgot to make the exact same shot in 8MP, shame on me...)

And this is the resized version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera (16MP)

Now first, let's see some crops from these shots. This is a 640 x 480 crop from the 38MP Nokia 808 original.

And this is a crop from the Samsung Galaxy Camera 16MP original.

No doubt in my mind that the Nokia 808 PureView has the better result, showing more detail.

Now, let's check the zoom capacity of the Nokia 808 PureView first. You know the camera zooms in on the part of the sensor you want to capture, so you'll get more zoom when you choose a lower resolution

First maximum zoom at 8MP:

Closer with maximum zoom at 5MP

Closer yet with maximum zoom at 3MP

You see what lossless zoom can do for your picture! But of course, it's clearly no competition for the added hardware of an 21x optical zoom of the Samsung Galaxy Camera... Here's the same "zone 30" plate once again.

This of course not to put the Nokia 808 PureView down - I wouldn't even dare to do so, I hope I don't have to explain that. It just shows what an extra optical zoom is capable of, even more when I show you a 640 x 480 crop of this original shot...

This is my last post for 2012. Probably not my most popular, since it once again features a non-PureView device and even shows it has strong zooming capacities - I know some people hate it when I write about other producers (especially this one).

But when you've read  my first comparison, you know I wouldn't trade my Nokia 808 PureView, nor the Lumia 920 for the Galaxy Camera. It simpy is not a smartphone, you can't make any kind of calls with it, it offers no PureView, it's a lot bigger and heaver.

But: this comparison suddenly made me wonder if Nokia is planning to make another radical new device...

A new (real) smartphone/smart camera, one that will enable you to make and receive calls, with...
the now famous 41MP sensor... (it will have place for it!)

PureView technology (version 3, being version 1 + 2 = macro, lossless zoom, OIS, lowlight)...
the Carl Zeiss lens...
the hardware for say an 18x optical zoom...
running on Windows Phone 8 with all great Nokia apps included...

It's kind of an exciting thought, isn't it? Nokia is rumoured to (finally) announce a tablet at the CES in 2013. Why couldn't they announce a groundbreaking new compact PureView Smart Camera at CES or MWC?

Would you welcome such a device? Food for thought at the end of the year...

Some of my readers are already celebrating the new year, here in the Netherlands we're less than 4 hours away from 2013. And counting :-)

I want to wish you all a very happy ánd healthy new year! 


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