Unpacking the Lumia 830: last PureView with the Nokia brand. The "affordable flagship"

This is a moment in time. The very last PureView device with the Nokia brand on it. No more "Nokia PureView" after this. There will be new PureView devices in the future, but you won't find the Nokia brand on them. And there might be more smartphones from Nokia in the future, but they won't be offering PureView. The Lumia 830 represents the end of an era. Is it a bad thing? What can I say. Everything changes.

Like I've written a few months ago, I'll be rebranding the PureViewClub myself. I want this community of passionate smartphone photographers to grow, so I want to be able to write about more smartphone cameras without having to compare them to PureView devices every time anyway. Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to what the Nokia Lumia 830 - the "affordable flagship" - is capable of. I can't help smiling about the "affordable flagship" concept by the way - it's clever thinking to sail flaghips to the masses.

But I think Nokia/Microsoft might even have a point, too: bring high-end R&D products to a very interesting price-range is something worth considering - OIS in this case. The Nokia Lumia 830 costs €350 (here in The Netherlands at least), and I honestly think that's a no-brainer. This device has pretty impressive specs at that pricepoint. It is large (70.7 x 139.4mm), thin (8.5mm) and light (150 grams). A bit longer than the Lumia 930, but thinner. It has a 5 inch HD-display (ClearBlack IPS LCD) with 296 PPI pixel density.

The white of the Lumia 830 screen is even a lot whiter compared to the 930 and 1520. Processor is a quad-core Snapdragon 400 clocked at 1.2GHZ. Mass memory is limited to 16GB, but like on the high-end Lumia 1520 there's a micro-SD slot (supports up to a whopping 128GB). Even better maybe: the replacable battery is back! I just received this device this afternoon, so for this post I can only share some unpack shots. Some don't think much of those, others really do look forward to them - that's really up to you.

The most remarkable thing might be discovering you won't find a headset in the package - something's gotta give. Other than that, you will of course find all Nokia/Microsoft services as on any other Lumia device. Here we go. I chose the white version, but with an exchangable back cover it will be possible to change it to any other colour in the near future I guess. One last sidenote: I don't understand why the black version doesn't have the aluminium colored sides. That would look pretty cool. On the other hand: most people carry these in cases anyway. Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 1 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 2 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 3 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 4 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 5 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 6 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 7 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 8 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 9 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 10 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 11 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 12 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 13 Nokia Lumia 830 unpack 14
Few last remarks: as you've seen, you'll need a nano sim, like on the Nokia Lumia 1520 and 930. That's part of our mobile future anyway. I'm really suprised by the whiteness of the display. It offers Glance and "double tap to wake" (the Lumia 930 didn't even get Glance). I'm sure you'd like to see a side-by-side comparison shot of the last great PureView devices, so here it is: the Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 930, Lumia 830 and Lumia 1520 - as captured with the Nokia 808 PureView :-) 2014-10-05-1528
You'll notice the Lumia 830 s a bit longer than the 930. It might look a bit less wide, but it's really hard to notice a difference in that respect (in fact it's 0.3mm). It's a bit thinner for sure though, and noticably lighter.  You'll find the Lumia 930 and 830 compared here. I'll be testing the Lumia 830 against other cameras soon. It has a modest 10MP sensor, so I'll have to think which of the current  smartphones would be good to compare it with. The iPhone 6, sure - but I don't carry that with me. The classic Nokia N8 maybe, but that still has trouble staying awake while on the job. Or simply the 5MP results coming from its big brothers? I'll think of something, suggestions are always welcome :-)