Rich Capture and raw .DNG should have been on Lumia Denim (and the Nokia Lumia 830)

As you know, it never hurts to ask. So I asked Juha Alakarhu today why I couldn't find Rich Capture nor raw .DNG on the Nokia Lumia 830. It comes with the latest Lumia Denim update, so I figured it should be there. But it isn't - and Juha appeared to be surprised by that as well... Juha on Denim 1 Well, I'm very sure my Lumia 830 is on Denim, since it says so... So I should have Lumia Camera, Rich Capture and raw .DNG... Juha on Demin 2
So it looks like somewhere along the way, something went wrong in the Lumia Denim package - the update for Nokia Camera - Lumia Camera - was supposed to be on there as well, but it obviously isn't. Reading the earlier posts on his timeline, I can tell there's a lot more we can expect from the Lumia Camera once it lands on Denim on the Nokia Lumia 830 (and 730 for that matter). A few days ago Juha has been writing  about what the Denim update brings to Nokia Lumia Juha on Demin 3This is all very exciting (so much to look forward to!), but it's a bit disappointing as well - it simply means my last comparison was not valid after all, since I've been working with algorithms that weren't supposed to be on the device anyway. Hm :-/ So now, I'm looking forward to this Lumia Camera update more than ever, as you can imagine. Will keep you posted as soon as I get more information! :-) Update. Well here it is: it was "a mistake" after all. We'll get Lumia Camera later this year. Juha Mistake
Somehow, after the announcement earlier this year, I find it hard to believe that Lumia Camera wan't planned to be part of the Lumia Denim package. But hey: I'm not going to argue with Juha. We'll just have to be patient - once again, as usual with updates. Sigh.