New poll: are you waiting for the next high-end 41MP PureView flagship?

There weren't as much reactions on the last poll as I had expected I must say, but the reactions are quite revealing nevertheless. Asking you whether you would buy the next PureView flagship even withouth the Nokia brand on it, 68% said "definitely" - but 32% said "no way".That's quite a staggering amount of people that really seem to adore the Nokia brand. Poll
I voted for "definitely" myself. There's not much we can do about what has happened to Nokia's smartphone division anyway. I loved the brand more than any other brand in my life I must admit. But it's pointless to keep looking at what once was - and I will do an occasional " Nokia Time Warp" now and again, don't worry :-)

Now for the next poll... After my last posts about it, I know the Nokia Lumia 830 is greeted by many as the "affordable flagship" as it was presented. A contradictio in terminis if you ask me, but clever marketing since a lot of people appear like the idea of having a great smartphone for not so much money.

I do like it a lot myself, too, I'm just very eager to see what Lumia Camera will be able to squeeze out of the camera sensor - and we'll have to wait for that until it arrives. The next poll needs more than a simple yes or no. Are you waiting for the next high-end 41MP PureView flagship? Let yourself be heard on the right hand side of this page. Looking forward to your votes  - as you are welcome to leave a reaction below. Thank you very much! :-)