About a few protective covers for your PureView devices: practical, colourful or rugged design

A very unusual title, but it's an unusual post this time - for once I won't post about mobile photography, but about getting your gear protected. I'm lucky to say it hardly ever happens to me that I drop my phone, but I have a friend who drops it at least once a week. And gravity is one of the worst enemies of your smartphone as we all know. Now there are many different devices out there, so I'll limit myself to two recent Nokia PureView smartphones for which quite some alternative covers are available: the large Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Lumia 930 WP_20141017_12_41_38_Pro
Nokia Lumia 930
Let me start with what I got for the Lumia 930 - two of the original Nokia CP637 covers. Since my Lumia 930 is orange, it seems logical to pick the orange case as well. But it has two disadvantages. The colour is simply striking, but the orange has like neon-like refection you'll see in a surprising amount of shots. Moreover it attracts dirt quite easily, which you'll notice is impossible to remove. So I decided to get a black version - way less reflection, no dirt. This has the strange effect that the orange back cover will peek through the cover, but I don't mind too much about that - I think it looks kinda cool even :-) WP_20141017_12_05_22_Pro
This official cover offers great protection for the corners of your Lumia 930 and it has a velvet-like material on the inside so you get the feeling the screen is protected as well. This weekend, for this unusual post, the Otterbox cover for the Lumia Icon arrived - and of course, it will fit the Lumia 930 as well. It's an extremely rugged cover that doesn't have the same sleek design as the official Nokia cover - but it offers extreme protection. Or in Otterbox's words: "you've joined a community of people who live their lives to the fullest and want their mobile devices to come along for the ride". Well, that must be quite a ride. WP_20141019_10_39_57_Pro
This thing feels like a brick - you get the impression it will withstand a Leopard tank. It's shock and dust resistant and has a built-in screen protesction (but it's not waterproof). It will make you device pretty heavy - and thick, so it's far from pocketable. That's why Otterbox puts a rugged belt clip in the box as well. WP_20141019_10_39_40_ProI'm not much of an adventurer myself, but I can imagine there are professions (and wild trips) where protection like this is much needed.  The fact that Otterbox is producing this rugged cover for the Nokia Lumia Icon/930 seems to prove the commercial success of this model.

Nokia Lumia 1520
I tried quite a few covers for the Nokia Lumia 1520 - a device I think really needs protection since it's so large and sort of slippery, especially in the matte versions (white and yellow). For my yellow Lumia 1520, I first bought the official Nokia cover in the red version (I have a thing with contrasting colors I guess). If offers great protection for the corners, as you can see here WP_20141017_11_58_24_Pro
Again, though, the red is quite sensitive for dirt, so the shiny red color will be gone from the front of the cover before you know it - and again, it's impossible to get rid of it. So if you consider the official version, go black again (if you can get your hands on it, Nokia's official accessories have a reputation to be hard to come by).

From a Dutch company ( MobielBereikbaar) I received several other versions to test. First of all, the Krusell Malmo Flip Cover. You can use it as a desk stand, which is quite practicle for watching video content on the big display - or reading websites while resting the device on your desk. WP_20141017_11_56_00_Pro
It's easy so slide the Lumia 1520 into this cover, and it offers reasonable protection, but the corners are not completely safe when you manage to drop it. WP_20141017_11_55_07_Pro And although it's a strong cover, it's also pretty thick - it even offers room for a creditcard and an ID card for instance, which is practical but probably leave no more room in your inside pocket. Moreover, personally I'm not too thrilled about having to open it everytime before you can use the phone - the flip side is pretty large too, with the extra space needed for the deskstand option.

So I was looking for thinner covers, and I tried two. First, the black version of the ACCY simple silicon case. I picked black since (again) it won't reflect in my shots (and I like contrasting colours as you know). It's not half as expensive as the elaborate Krusell cover and it offers easy protection even for the corners. WP_20141017_11_53_44_Pro
Is it beautiful? Not at all - like just about all covers it ruins most of the design. But it's extremely effective. The material is not very slippery but not sticky either - it's just pleasant to hold. A lean, mean and cheap solution to protect your Lumia. If you like something wild and colorful though, check this one out - talking about contrasting colours :-) WP_20141017_12_00_30_Pro
You almost have to look for the lens with this cover - I'm sure it's not to everybody's liking, but some will adores this ACCY pattern back case. It protects the corners as well and it's not expensive either. As a bonus, here's a shot of one of the official Nokia 808 PureView covers I still have in my collection - the red version as you can see WP_20141017_12_03_22_Pro
For once, I didn't compare PureView photography, but PureView protection. I hope it has been useful for you in some way :-)