Welcome at the brand new SmartCamClub!

I'm incredibly proud to welcome you at the new SmartCamClub, a community for those who are passionate about smartphone photography. Those who don't believe that "smartphones are for snapshots only". If you are looking for the best possible imaging quality in smartphones on every mobile platform, you're welcome to join the SmartCamClub! :-)

This club finds its roots in the PureViewClub I founded in 2012. There, I've been comparing just about all Nokia's PureView devices with as much other high-end smartphones on other platforms I could lay my hands on. And now it's time to broaden the focus even further. I want to to write about every other interesting smartphone camera on every other major platform. 

And Nokia's PureView technology is still the standard - there hasn't been one smartphone surpassing the imaging quality of the 808 PureView or Lumia 1020 yet. But other companies offer very impressive devices as well, and it might just be a matter of time before another device takes the crown. I hope that when you're really interested in smartphone photography, you'll want to know about other brands too, and share your own experience and opinions with the visitors here as well.

For this club, I didn't change a few things. First, all the PureViewClub posts are still here, just like everything in the Forums. The PureViewClub Facebook page is still there for the time being.  SmartCamClub is on Facebook now as well - and I'll be posting there from now on, more than ever before. Also, the PureViewClub Flickr Page will stay - all shots I shared there are still relevant of course. You'll find the originals of all new shots I'm going share at the SmartCamClub Flickr page - it's still empty, but it won't be for long :-)

What has changed so far is the PureViewClub feed on Twitter, which has changed to SmartCamClub, like I have done for the personal shots I share on  Instagram. Using many more smartphones, I'll be able to share a lot more shots on those social media as well. I changed the name on YouTube, too.

A major change: I've joined Disqus. All your previous reactions have been imported there, so none of the great content you have been providing at the PureViewClub is lost. If I understand correctly, you'll be able to claim your reactions as yours if the email you've used is known at Disqus.

Remember though, the SmartCamClub still is just as much a "one man army" as the PureViewClub has always been. But I really have to thank two friends, since I couldn't have made this change without their help at all. First, like at the PureViewClub, the logo has been designed by Bharadwaj Chandramouli from Madras, India. Second, my friend Peter Buijsman, who has been my webmaster for many years now and always more than willing to help me improve the site. Thank you guys.

To conclude: I've been thinking a long time about the right name for this new club. I really wanted the keep the "club" idea, being a community for people just as enthusiastic about smartphone photography as I am. Just like PureViewClub - open 24/7, all posts on the house. When I unexpectedly learned one can have a ".club" domain, the choice was simple - but it might be a bit unusual. So remember it's not SmartCamClub.com (have that, too ;-) but www.SmartCam.Club!

As always - though now on Disqus - I'm really looking forward to your reactions below. Thank you, I hope you will enjoy your stay!

Marc Wielaert, SmartCamClub, The Netherlands