Join the club and win the epic, sealed (!) Nokia 808 PureView + official black Nokia cover

Yes, that's right! Here's your chance to win a brand new, sealed Nokia 808 PureView (black). Probably the best smartphone camera Nokia ever produced. The most converged device since the swiss army knife. And that's not all, I'll include the official Nokia cover. In order to win, join the club and join contest! Here's what you have to do.

1. Like the SmartCamClub on Facebook. If you already liked the PureViewClub on Facebook, that's fine, but that doesn't qualify you. You need to like the new SmartCamClub. Did you already like the Club on Facebook? Great, than you can move on to the second requirement. 

2. Follow @smartcamclub on Twitter as well. If you already follow @smartcamclub, you're all set for...

3. It's been easy so far, next is the most important part of the contest. Reply on this post, including a link to a picture you captured with whatever camera you own. Old, new, hightech, retro, iPhone, it doesn't matter.

Change is the theme of the contest.. Your picture should reflect change in some way. Why? Because I changed the sign on the wall of this club. Because change is refreshing. Change is growth. 

You can upload the picture anywhere you want. We advise that doesn't require you to create an account if you don't want to. But Flickr or OneDrive or whatever, anything goes.
And ... very important: you need to have made the picture yourself. Some post-processing is allowed, but it really needs to be your picture. You might consider making an interesting selfie for instance, but remember, it still needs to reflect change.

4. Important as well! Don't just share the picture, but add why you really want to win the epic Nokia 808 PureView. Remember: it's sealed. Untouched. Brand new. 

That's it. If you win this contest, you will also get the official black CC-3046 Nokia cover, to offer it the best possible protection from the very first day you'll be able to use it. This is it.

Well, if this doesn't make you excited, I don't know what will. I hope it shows how much I'd really love you to join the club.
1. Like the SmartCam Club on Facebook,
2. Follow on Twitter,
3. Share a link to your own shot about "change" and
4. Add why you want to win the legendary Nokia 808 PureView. 

This contest will close on Monday December 1st, so you have three weeks, including three weekends. Good luck!!!