Portraits, captured at night with the Nokia Lumia 1520 and dual LED flash

I don't think I ever shared portraits before. Many don't like to have their face published on websites and I simply can't afford a model. The people in this post are public figures so to say. I captured them during an concert evening using the Nokia Lumia 1520 - and dual LED flash. 

The shots were meant to be published online anyway, so why not use them here as well. Why did I choose the large Lumia 1520? Well first, since I'm not overwhelmed with what I usually get with the Lumia 1020 using its Xenon flash - shots tend to be "yellowish" (it has improved, yes, but I'm sure I'm not the first one noticing this issue). Second, I needed permission from the people I captured, and showing the result is very easy on a screen as big as that from the Lumia 1520. Third, I just wanted to see how the dual LED flash performed in pretty bad light circumstances. And I was pleasantly surprised.

The scene: inside, backstage during a concert evening, in an old, large hall. Not extremely dark, but quite impossible to capture shots without flash (which I normally prefer). I didn't use any zoom so you can imagine I was pretty close in some cases - but I couldn't have realized these shot without using the flash. First I will share the resized portraits themselves. The results you see are straight from the cam, untouched, I didn't even have to worry about red eyes. First three of the deejays of the radio station  Radio 6 Soul & Jazz. Their names are Jaap Brienen, Astrid de Jong en Gerard Ekdom.

Next, singer Dorona Alberti from the Dutch band Gare du Nord.

Again, Dorona Alberti and jazz musican Willem Friede.

The popular jazz singer Wouter Hamel (probably more famrous in Japan than here in The Netherlands)

And to conclude, my colleague and deejay Angelique Houtveen

Again, these are the 5MP results directly from the Lumia 1520, untouched. Now let's have a look at a few crops from the 5MP, oversampled results. I'll choose 640 width and made the shots as high as I need them to be. I'll share them in the same order as above.


Of course I could go on and crop right into the high-res results, but there's no need to I think. It shows that "just" using the dual LED flash and everything else on automatic even, the results are surprisingly good. No red eyes, not even from a relatively close distance, skin colour is accurate, details are superb even. So I think this shows that in low light situations like these, you don't really need a Xenon flash to get very acceptable results, provided you keep the right distance to your subject (not too far away that is, but not too close either, of course). I just added the original 5MP versions in a dedicated album on Flickr.