Rumour: Lumia Denim and Lumia Camera 5 ready to roll out

This is somewhere between news and a rumour, but I've been pointed towards some positive vibes over at  NokiaPowerUser today, where their sources claim "Lumia Denim update and Lumia Camera 5 (version 5.0) are ready to roll-out for some specific device-region combinations. While we don’t have exact details of the devices and regions it will roll-out first, our sources speculate Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 may get it first followed by Lumia 1520."

I've been writing about Lumia Denim and the newest version of Lumia Camera months ago, shortly after the announcement on September 4 by Chris Webber and Kristina Björknäs. From that I understood that Lumia Camera 5 was part of Lumia Denim, and I was in very good company even (read here) - but we were both wrong. And now, although I bought the Lumia 830 to get a chance to work with "Rich Capture" asap, I'm still waiting for the application update to arrive (since the Lumia 830 already runs on Denim). And yes, it's quite frustrating to spend money on something that isn't there as announced.

Now the Lumia Camera 5 won't be able to do on the Lumia 830 what it's capable of on the Lumia 930/Icon/1520: Auto HDR, Dynamic Flash (together "Rich Capture"), 4K video and Moment Capture from the 4K video file (with 8MP images). On the Lumia 830, it will be limited to FullHD video and 2MP stills for instance, but there will be Auto HDR and Dynamic Flash. So it may not be as advanced, I'm checking my Lumia 830 every day and I'm happy to read that it might be arriving soon - although it will be dependant on which region you happen to live in. 

I borrowed the screenshot from where I got this update:  NokiaPowerUser.