News: to be discontinued next year, try Lumia Cinemagraph (beta)

It all makes sense now that the Nokia brand will be erased from every device and service - but that doesn't make it any more practicle. As of 12 January 2015, Microsoft will be discontinuing the website for sharing cinemagraphs online. Here's the complete message I just received.

What does this mean for you as a Lumia Cinemagraph user? You will continue to have access to your saved cinemagraphs on your mobile phone. However, previously shared cinemagraphs at will no longer be available. If you wish to retain these, please check the URLs from the Shared view in Lumia Cinemagraph on your mobile phone. Then open the URLs on a PC to download the cinemagraphs as a GIF or a video.

From 12 January 2015 onwards, you will be able to share your cinemagraphs as videos, directly shareable on your favorite social networks. To enable this, please install the latest version of Lumia Cinemagraph from the Store. You can already install the beta version from the Store

It really is a pitty Nokia never thought of a service like Instagram (for instance) to collect and share all your Cinemagraphs online - it would have made it so much easier to download or save your own results. Personally, I don't have any of my Cinemagraphs on my phone and I wouldn't know how to find them on - I didn't really like the trick anyway. I do hope however Microsoft will keep all Refocus results (the URL still is