The Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 in Paris

A Japanese website on digital photography ( here) immediately bought the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 the day it was available in Paris, France. They were as kind as to share all the shots they captured with it in full resolution as well, and I hope they don't mind I downloaded them to share some crops here.

If you want to read Koyama Anhiroshi's article for yourself, you'll find it translated to English here (Google translated the name of the author as well, hope it did right). You will find several shots of the display of the Panasonic DMC-CM1, the menu and the site mentions quite a few other interesting things, but you can read those for yourself.

In this post I just want to focus on the images they captured with the device in Paris. You will find a link to the original shot above the shot itself (with the EXIF data as provided). I will share a resized version of the shot followed by a crop I made (640 x 480 pixels). The photographer seemed a bit preoccupied with buildings and food by the way, and I have the impression he didn't make several shots from each scene, since sometimes it looks like the focus isn't very accurate, like in the first case - I had a hard time finding a more or less sharp place to crop with this one.

Photo 1: Market (ISO125 / F2.8 / 1/100 sec / 0EV / WB: Auto)

Photo 2: Church (ISO125 / F4 / 1/320 sec / 0EV / WB: Auto)

Photo 3: Cakes (ISO125 / F3.2 / 1/125 sec / 0EV / WB: Auto)

Photo 4: Notre Dame ( ISO2500 / F2.8 / 1/60 sec / 0EV / WB: Auto)

Photo 5: Cheese (ISO125 / F3.2 / 1/125 sec / 0EV / WB: Auto)

Photo 6: Notre Dame (ISO2500 / F2.8 / 1/60 sec / 0EV / WB: Auto)

Again, I borrowed all shots from this Japanese website (translated to English, original here). Some shots are absolutely convincing I must say - but others aren't. It might have to do with the photographer not being very familiar with the device (one always needs time to get to know the device and I've already understood this is especially the case with the Lumix DMC-CM1). Maybe it's been a bit of a rush job, I simply don't know. 

Like I wrote, the first shot (on the market) doesn't seem to be focused very well. The church has a very nice balance between the sky and the church itself - great detail too. The shots of the cakes and especially the cheese really wet my appetite, the nightshots of the famous Paris Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame are less convincing. I wonder if the Lumix DMC-CM1 chose ISO 2500 automatically - I'm sure you can do a much better job choosing a lot lower ISO value - but you'll need something to rest your hands on (and keep them steady, since the DMC-CM1 doesn't have OIS).

It's always a bit hard to come to conclusions if you don't know how the sample images were captured, so yes - I'm still waiting to capture my own shots and share exactly what I did to get the best results. As you all know, I'm still waiting for Panasonic. Looking forward to what you think of these Japanese examples in Paris! Thank you Eric Chiu for sharing the site with us!