The Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 in reviews from across the globe

In several posts here, many readers are sharing great links to reviews of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 from across the globe, and I think it's useful to get them all in one post. I'll be getting my own device tomorrow and I just can't wait to test it myself. Nevertheless, I think you'll be interested in what others write about it as well.

I already wrote about the shots on a Japanese website captured with the DMC-CM1 in Paris, and about the first experiences with it from members of the German

Now If you read French (or like to read from Google Translate), here is the review at ClubicCom, where they actually compare it to the Nokia 808 PureView (as I'm intending to do for one thing). You'll find many sample shots in the raving review by Dave Powell's in his ShootTokyo blog, where I would have loved to find the original Raw files as well (I'm not sure what we're looking at, edited Raw files or .JPG).

Another interesting review is the one from Andrew Reid at  EOSHD, Although being a Brit working in Berlin, he compares it mainly to the iPhone 6 (Plus), but since I hardly ever compare anything with what the iPhone 6 is capable of (since I don't have it - yet?), I think it's nice to read how he approaches the differences in design, OS, etc.Moreover, I learned about the application RawDroid, which will enable you to work with the Raw files you can shoot with the DMC-CM1. Andrew is far from enthusiastic about the .JPG compression on the Lumix DMC-CM1 and advises his readers to shoot RAW anyway. 

However critical, he appears to be able to change his mind about some things and - even more important - sharing when he did (which I really respect in a reviewer). I'll share a few lines of his conclusion: "Even the most avid photographer would be hard pressed to part with an iPhone they also love equally as much. A Samsung S5 or HTC One M8 owner might think twice about forgoing the sleek thinness, responsiveness, latest Android builds and superb screens those phones offer for half the price of the CM1. However the CM1 is not without charm and if you can really work the 1″ 20MP sensor and Leica lens to your advantage photographically, it is hard to go back to a lesser quality small sensor in an iPhone."

I'll even go as far as to copy/paste his extensive list of pros and cons here:

- Best camera sensor in any smartphone
- Android works well once you get used to it and customise it
- Shoots raw
- Huge camera feature-set
- Manual exposure like a proper camera
- Good video quality in 1080p relative to other smartphones
- Responsive camera touch screen interface
- Very large screen (4.7″) by usual compact camera or DSLR standards (3″)
- Full 1080p IPS screen as per other leading smartphones
- High ISO performance very good for a smartphone (usable ISO 1600 and 3200)
- High continuous burst rates
- Very fast AF

- Not as sleek as many other high end smartphones and double the price
- No stabilisation of any sort (a phone really needs this)
- Software seems a bit unfinished – raw editing ability has to be added with Raw Droid, a paid third party app
- No slow-mo or even 60p
- No 25p for Europe – but Europe only release. Go figure!
- 4K only 15fps
- 4K crops the sensor heavily
- Lack of stabilisation makes for very shaky 1080p
- Build quality and materials choice could be better (not a fan of the faux leather)
- Somewhat soulless to look at
- Old implementation of Android (KitKat)
- Only 16GB internal storage at €899? Really Panasonic…
- No dock / stand USB port on the bottom of the phone
- Too easy to accidentally keep the shutter button depressed when holding in portrait orientation like a phone
- Lens extends in use
- If image review is on, or JPEG + Raw is active, there’s a 4-5 second “Processing…” wait after each shot
- Battery life on the weak side
- Very limited availability
- Lack of accessories at launch
- No case for your €899 – you have to order it from a leaflet in the box
- No printed manual (at least not in mine, retail boxed in first German batch)

You still need to see Andrew Reid's own review, since I think he has some really great shots there - I borrowed only one to inspire you even more :-)

If you find more interesting reviews from around the globe (most likely from Germany and France at this moment), please share them in the comments below. 

Now I''ll get my Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 tomorrow to be able to test it and write about it here, since I'm quite sure you'll be looking forward to know how it I think it performs and how it compares to the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020. However, I'm hoping for your support in this endeavour - so I'm "crowdfunding" for it. Hope you'll want to have a look at my previous post and (please) make a contribution - thank you very much in advance!