The rumour mill: Lumia 1030 spotted (and I think it's fake)

No, I generally don't write about rumours and this time it even looks like I'm the only one not believing a thing I read about the "leaked Lumia 1030". Nevertheless, every major website on the planet is writing about it, and you might wonder what's keeping me. Here it is.

Not sure who leaked the news first, but The Verge (!) mentions the Chinese website TaoBao, but the original link is gone (can't find a 1030 at the website either). Others - like Slashgear - claim it would have a 50MP sensor, which even I think would be quite a lot. Others - like PhoneArena - say it's the "McLaren", another rumoured device that wasn't a camera centric phone but all about Microsoft's Kinect-like 3D UI.

These sites are not alone - typical of the rumour mill is the feedback it produces: GSMArena, WindowsCentral, NeoWin, PocketNow, WMPoweruser - the list is endless

And all of this reporting is based on shots like these:

Well... Not sure what you think of this, but it looks extremely unlikely to me. Moreover, the rumoured device is supposed to lack a Xenon flash - that doesn't make much sense to me either, although I have to admit even the people at Panasonic refrained from using one on the prestigious Lumix DMC-CM1 (yes, I'm testing it, hope to share my first reports soon :-)

I hope I'm wrong and I would welcome a Lumia 1020 successor with an insane sensor. But there are just too many signs screaming it's fake! News must be slow lately that an incredible amount of very credible sites and blogs are posting about a rumour from which the source has disappeared completely. The attention this gets from all tech blogs does show how much they would welcome a new high-end device from Microsoft Lumia. I wouldn't hold my breath though.