Waiting for Lumia Denim - and Lumia Camera

What's keeping Microsoft rolling out Lumia Denim? Even stranger: the Lumia 830 launched on Denim, but still offers nothing but "Nokia Camera Classic" - the old Nokia Camera, although updated. We've seen Lumia Camera already demonstrated during the launch of the Lumia 830, it was the reason for me to buy one ASAP. But it didn't have Lumia Camera and it still doesn't. 

Now the Lumia Twitter account has but one reaction to the question that's being repeated over and over again: "The Lumia Denim Update will start rolling out in the coming months, following partner testing and approvals." It's a standard phrase since November 7 as you can see here. Now reading that in the beginning of November is different than reading it one month later, I might add.

I wrote about the launch of Lumia Camera and Rich Capture September 6. I bought the Lumia 830 on October 4 and wrote about Rich Capture and RAW should have been on the Lumia 830 from the start on  October 9. Two months later today - still nothing. On November 16 I shared a post from NokiaPowerUser, suggesting Lumia Denim and Lumia Camera 5 were ready to roll out. And now - after checking for updates just about every single day on the Lumia 830 and 930 - I think we can just skip the whole idea until somewhere next year.

There's a lot of wishful thinking going on about Lumia Denim. What is Microsoft waiting for? Bug fixes? If so, shouldn't they just say so? I'm sure people would understand. It's the silence that makes it all so frustrating for everyone.

And why didn't Microsoft roll out the Lumia Camera 5 update to the Lumia 830 anyway? It's ready as far as I understand (even Juha Alakarhu expected it to be part of the package). Do we need to wait for the Lumia Denim roll-out for the other devices? To see the "optimal performance"? 

I'm trying to get some extra information from @LumiaHelp, but I'm afraid that didn't help much (to put it mildly) - one of the highights being the fact that they pointed me to a post on Connects dating... September 5. Back to square one, as they say. I just don't get it. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts below