Delight 1.5 Custom Firmware for Nokia 808 PureView

Just learned some delightful news on AllAboutSymbian where Steve Litchfield shared that there's a Delight 1.5 Custom Firmware ready to install for the Nokia 808 PureView. That's simply too nice to ignore here, so I'll just quote a few lines from his post here.

Steve quote From the notes for Delight 1.5 here:
- cleaned unneeded/double files
- added all missing styles and transition to the old N8 video editor
- Requires a Refurbish/Hardreset: disabled the GPS background processautostart, it just takes RAM and CPU time. (It gets started automatically whenever it's needed, so it doesn't make sense in autostart)
- contacts and email widgets are using default skins
- added help files for the N8 photo and video editors
- replaced the useles weather shortcut of the email widget with GPS Data, thanks eric88 for your hint about the useless shortcut.
 - added landscape support for the FM radio, thanks Márton for your suggestion!

- Delight App v1.4
- slightly updated SMS Themer
- menu config
- keyboards by Allstar12345 and bhavin192
- theme effects by Allstar12345
- conversation skin by Cahjoss
- the default General profile config(ringing type ringing, no touch screen vibration)
- offical Nokia Big Clock screensaver fix(for Czech, Hungarian and Norwegian), thanks habibx for the hint

- Share via Twitter icon
- the default camera app image name counter will be '1' after flashing, thanks Alex for finding this issue and helping us
- removed the wrong FastTube SISRegistry entry, thank eric88 for your hint!

Steve notes: "total time taken, with absolutely no data or apps loss, was about 10 minutes, but it will take longer if you're new to firmware flashing/updating or if you need to use another base language. All applications and settings were intact, including the Swype keyboard." I urge you to visit his post with a lot more links I'm sure you're interested in!