First experience with Rich Capture and Dynamic Flash

In this post you'll see a few examples of Rich Capture and Dynamic Flash as shot with the Nokia Lumia 1520. My Dutch smartcam friend Sawan Bruins became too impatient and flashed his Lumia to get the Denim update and hence Lumia Camera. I decided to wait for the official update if only to see how long it'll take. Sawan sent me a few shots and screenshots I think you'll be interested in. 

First a few screenshots that show the way you can change your shot, opening the shot and choosing to edit it with Rich Capture

Using no effect

Using half of the effect

Adding maximum effect

To give you a better idea of the results, here are two in larger size:

Now of course, this is "just" adding a certain amount of HDR to your shot. Sawan wrote me that if you shoot in Rich Capture, you'll not only find the "low" and "high" resolution results in the camera folder (if you connect it to a PC that is), but also a file that is about 20MB large - that's the one with all the information the application needs. He added that depending on light circumstances, the application chooses whether to use HDR, normal exposure or flash..

Being able to change how much of the effect you want to apply afterwards is quite practicle. Same goes for shots using Dynamic Flash. Sawan sent me two screenshots to share the possibilities of both Dynamic Exposure and Dynamic Flash. Of course, the first example was captured without flash.
Example 1

Example 2

In the last example, you can customize to amount of flash you'd like to use in your shots - again, after you captured it. Let me conclude this short post with two of his shots of a famous Dutch castle in which you can easily see the advantages of Rich Capture. First, normally speaking you'd have a hard time distinguishing the detailed foreground against the bright blue sky....

The same goes even more so for the next shot, in very strong backlight - you can still make out much of the details that would otherwise have been lost completely (the pretty strong moiré patterns you see are due to resizing the shot)

 I'm really looking forward to test all the possibilities of Lumia Camera myself, but I'll be waiting for an official update. I'd like to thank Sawan Bruins for letting me share these shots here at the club! :-)