French comparison: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1

In this post you will see some shots from a comparison at a forum of a French website (, where the photographer tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 against the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1. Both devices are on automatic and the Note 4 was rooted to install a modification that avoids compression. That's probably not a fair way to compare both (why not root and mod the CM1 while you're at it?), but I'll share some of the shots here anyway.

I learned about this post thanks to a reaction of club visitor "1030" on my previous post, comparing the DMC-CM1 with the Lumia 1020. He wrote he was much more impressed with the Note 4. Quite a few readers at the French forum do prefer the "more natural colours" coming from the CM1, but white balance is often a matter of taste. Personally I'm not too fond of using the automatic settings, but of course there are situations where it's just very practicle, like when you need to be real fast.

The photographer (moderator Brice at the forum) hasn't been in a hurry to capture these shots, that's for sure, but there's something to be said to keep both devices on auto settings in all situations. I do like his framing, it's almost exactly the same in each shot, as you will see. One problem though is that he used a different aspect ratio on both devices (4:3 and 3:2), which makes it harder to compare the results in terms of focal length, but there no doubt there's an obvious difference between the two, as you will see in some of these (resized) examples. 

Galaxy Note 4 first, Lumix DMC-CM1 second - afternoon shots

Some evening / night shots

Two macro shots:

Not sure what happened with the last macro shot, it's the way you'll find it on the forum of the French website  Planet-Smartphones, where you will find all shots in larger formats (not the original sizes).

It's too bad the photographer didn't use the exact same aspect ratio, but I do understand stuff like that can happen (I'm pretty good at it myself for one thing). I don't understand why he didn't share all original sizes though, it would have been interesting to really dig into the details. I hope to be able to make a few interesting shots with the review sample of the Galaxy Note 4 myself, just before I have to send it back.