Two weeks before the Mobile World Congress (updated)

It's exactly two weeks before the Mobile World Congress will start. Two major companies have already planned their announcements on Sunday, one day before the official start of the annual event. Huawei will be first in the afternoon, Samsung will be organizing its Unpack Event the same evening. Microsoft will give the very first press conference from the official Congress, early Monday morning, like Nokia always used to. I hope to be attending all three announcements.

Now it looks pretty obvious Samsung will be announcing the GalaxyS6 and many of its specifications have already "leaked". This is what we more or less "know" so far: 
Size: 143,3  x 70,8  x 6,9  mm.
Body: metal.
Screen: 5 inch Super AMOLED QHD display (Gorilla Glass 4).
Processor: Samsung Exynos 7420, 64bit octa-core (4x 2,0 GHz + 4x 1,5 GHz).
RAM: 3GB, Memory: 32/64/128GB.
Rear camera: 20MP with OIS.
Front Camera: 5MP.
Of course, to use the 20MP camera is quite exciting, especially after we've seen what the Galaxy Note 4 (16MP) is capable of. But 20MP is "just" that - we all know there are many other things important for a good smartphone camera.

Now it's not just interesting to see how much of this will turn out to be correct - it's also interesting to see how much has leaked already.

For instance: we don't know anything at all about what Huawei will be announcing Sunday afternoon - the first major press conference of the Mobile World Congress, and I believe it's earlier than evere. It has said it will reveal “surprises that will empower you to set your dreams free". Marketing lingo for "we're not going to tell you anything yet".

There are some calculated guesses though. According to DigitalTrends, "The company’s director of public relations has said it’s planning to release “a series of new wearables” during 2015, and that the first examples will come during Mobile World Congress." Also, the article mentions a smaller version of the Mate 7. Not much to go on, but nevertheless, the place Huawei chose for the announcement must be one of the most prestigious in Barcelona - the W Hotel is even on Wikipedia - so they must have something impressive coming up.

And then of course: Microsoft. It really knows how to keep a lid on things. The only thing I've read so far is that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is coming to a future Lumia flagship. There have been many rumours about a new camera flagship - including the mighty 41MP sensor - but so far all of them turned out to be false. I really can't wait to see if they will be announcing a new PureView flagship, to launch with the official release of Windows 10. Would be a great momentum, and after all it seems there has been enough time to work on something spectacular? 

HTC is hosting an event on March 1 as well, most likely to announce the next HTC One - probably M9. The headline they chose is "Utopia in Progress", which does sound a bit more creative than "Come along for the ride". I didn't get an invite for this event yet, unfortunately.

What else to expect?
Will Nokia be there? Unlikely, or maybe very small. It doesn't have much to show at the moment so why bother? Sony will be there, no doubt, but it doesn't look they'll be announcing a Z4 there.

LG has been rumoured to announce the G4, but I didn't see any "save the dates" yet. No doubt, they will show their new G Flex 2, announced at CES last year. Update: LG just announced it will be launching the  LG Watch Urbane: it "has all of the hallmarks of a fine watch, making it the perfect fashion accessory, designed for a sophisticated and cosmopolitan wearer that delivers unparalleled technology and performance." 

Who else? Motorola? BlackBerry? Alcatel? Asus? Who knows. There also is a "save the date" from Honor, the Huawei owned company that is planning an event on Tuesday evening - hope to be able to attend there as well. And of course, I'm looking forward to what the other Chinese companies like Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Lenovo (Motorola!), OnePlus will have in store. Finally, I found that Panasonic will be at the Mobile World Congress, but it looks like they will be focussing on the " internet of things" and I'm not expecting a successor of their Lumix DMC-CM1 anytime soon.