I'm going to MWC15 and going to bring...

If you're looking for news, this post is not for you, sorry. These are just some random thoughts about my preparations for my trip to the Mobile World Congress 2015 - figuring out what to see, what to skip and which devices to bring is something that can keep my mind really busy.

After the past editions I've become accustomed to companies already announcing their new products one day before the MWC starts. This used to be somewhat of a quarrel between some producers in the past and even more parties joined this year. I try to visit them on a "first come" basis, but the choice is pretty hard sometimes.

First, I'll be attending the Huawei press conference in the "W Hotel" on Sunday afternoon. Shortly after that, there are two companies making their announcements: HTC and Alcatel. And at the end of the afternoon, Samsung has invited me to come to the other end of town, to what appears to be the quite spectacular  CCIB in Barcelona.

Four announcements starting in four hours, spread all over town - no way I'll be able to attend all of them, so I decided to stick to the first and last. Also from an "imaging" point of view I actually expect most from both Huawei and Samsung to be honest. Although already several promotional HTC videos of the upcoming HTC One M9 have leaked - this is the one about the camera, and its editing possibilites look pretty cool I have to say:

Looks like HTC has left the "UltraPixel" failure after all, which would be very positive. I'll be checking out the new HTC at the MWC anyway. 

I'll need to get up early Monday morning to attend the Microsoft press conference just after the Mobile World Congress officially opened its many doors. I'm not pessimistic about Microsoft's announcements. It's a hunch, a gut feeling - they're just being too silent: absolutely nothing has leaked. It reminds me of three years ago, when Nokia suprised the world with the 808 PureView. Call me crazy, but after the official announcement that Microsoft will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 for a next Lumia flagship, I'm optimistic - I wonder what you think?

What else do I have planned? Of course I'd like to see every major producer present: Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, Alcatel, Acer, Asus, etc. And a few of the more or less known newcomers - like I'm looking forward to see what Honor will be showing (still kind of hope the Honor 6 Plus will come to Europe anyway).

Which devices will I bring? Not my at least six year old laptop to begin with - I'm happy to be able to borrow a Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft for a month. Can't wait to show the fruit loving press crowd a real state-of-the-art (and light!) tablet/laptop (although I'm quite sure they'll sniff at it anyway). But which smartphones? That's something that can really bother me, but I think I made up my mind. 

First: the Nokia 808 PureView - and not just for old times' sake. We all know how good it is, don't think it ever disappointed me. I'm using it offline anyway, it'll probably be standby during my stay in Barcelona without one charge (that's Symbian!). So that's one.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 will be number two. I really hope to find the time to capture some great scenes in Barcelona with it. But I have to be honest: I'm using the CM1 in flight mode most of the time, since I'm not too impressed with its standby time and I do want to be able to use its camera as much as possible. 

Next: the Nokia Lumia 1520. I'm relieved my device is running on Denim finally and I'm enjoying using it again immensly. Yes, it's huge, but it has fantastic storage, screen and speed - and yes I love to see Glance on it as well. Working with Rich Capture is a joy, and we all know its sound is fantastic when capturing video.

Does that mean I'm not going to bring the Lumia 1020? Not sure. I kind of hurts to leave it home, and there are a few other devices that are waving at me to bring them - like the K Zoom, offering its 10x optical zoom capacity. And like the Honor 6, with a light design, impressive standby time and pretty surprising camera, too. I would have mentioned the Galaxy S5 as well, but it has become terribly slow (and eating the battery) after the update to Lollipop, so I need to get that fixed before any trip. 

Except for the Lumix CM1, these are all review models by the way - it's not like the club has turned me into a rich man. I'm just thankful to be able to use them all and happy to compare them for you. Which I hope to do as well, during the madness of the Mobile World Congress I'll be enjoying next week - please stay tuned :-)