First pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S6

In this post you'll find the first shots I captured with the Samsung Galaxy S6. I was very happy with the opportunity to walk around the Samsung booth for about 15 minutes with a brand new Galaxy S6 to see how it performed. Circumstances are far from "ideal" but nevertheless I'll think you'll find it interesting to see what I got.

I didn't have the time to really go into the "pro" mode it offers, so all shots are more or less on automatic. I did change the HDR settings however (off / auto / on) to see how it would change the performance. I wrote it before, the startup time of the Galaxy S6 is blazing fast indeed - Samsung claims it's 0.7 seconds and I have no reason to doubt it. However, if you're phone is in sleep mode, you can start the camera by pressing the home button twice, and than it will take a bit longer. It's stil fast enough though. Here's what I got for you, resized to fit this post. You'll find all original shots on Flickr as usual.

First, top of a part the Samsung booth, captured with HDR on.

Next, a fire hose, captured with HDR off, on auto and HDR on.

You see it changes the light in a very effective way, without overdoing the HDR effect however - it doesn't look "unnatural", but you will get a lot more detail. You'll see the same in the next scene - the stand full of people, HDR off and on:

It really is very effective as you can see - again, without overdoing the HDR effect. Last shot I got for you: two of the charming young ladies you'll find at the Samsung booth, with HDR on auto. Skin tones are perfectly natural, shutter time is short enough to capture the moving people in the background as well.

Just a few shots to give you a first impression of the Samsung Galaxy S6 16MP  camera. I won't go into cropping my way into the shots this time - getting ready for my next appointment at the Mobile World Congress - but you are welcome to check the details yourself on Flickr. Please follow me on Twitter for some casual updates from the Mobile World Congress as well.