Gone fishing - with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1

Today is a cold and grey day in the Netherlands: too dull for photography, I thought. My smartcam friend Massis Sirapian advised me to shoot in b/w, and although I did try to get a few nice monochrome shots from my Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1, I still don't have much of an "eye" for that kind of photography. Nevertheless, I feel confident you'll find some interesting shots in this post, all captured with the Lumix DMC-CM1.

I visited De Rifwachter in Hilversum again - it's a place where you can buy all kinds of beautiful fish, but they don't mind you coming in there to try and catch some with your camera (provided you don't use flash or focus assist light). I've been here before with the Nokia 808 PureView, as you'll see in this older post. Thinking of what Massis advised me, I captured the restaurant on top in b/w and f/c. It's a very interesting architecture anyway, I wonder which version you prefer...

One of the things I like about the Lumix DMC-CM1 it has a very plain and simple monochrome setting, so it's very easy to capture b/w shots. But like I said, I don't really have an experienced eye for b/w photography and it was stone-cold outside, so I wasn't really looking for great scenes either I guess. I decided to test the Panasonic in the extreme dark - and warm! - circumstances inside, below the restaurant you see in the pictures. I went where the tropical fish are.

There's another setting on Panasonic's "scenes" - it's especially for fast moving targets like animals. I was curious if it would really get me good shots of the fish swimming in their very "lowlight" aquarium. It's not an easy job, but I got quite a few nice shots I think. In dark circumstances like these, the software chooses ISO 1600 and shutter times around 1/25 of a second. From the results I got I chose two shots to share here:

Sure, I captured much more - most of them not as sharp or simply very unsharp, due to the glass in front or the fish moving too fast. I edited the first shot just a bit using Picasa, getting rid of the reflection in the aquarium's glass. The second shot is unedited I might add. But these two shots are not the reason I'm posting this.

There was one small aquarium with just one blue-white jellyfish (I forgot to check its name, I'm sure some of you might fill me in here just as much as I'm sure I wouldn't want to meet this beautiful little creature in open sea). As you'll know, these guys aren't moving very fast, so I didn't need to choose the "freeze animal motion" mode on the Lumix DMC-CM1 (and when I tried, the shots came out way too bright in fact).

In manual settings I went for ISO 800 (to avoid too long shutter times). I captured it with 1/200 second. Under these circumstances (darkness, the reflecting glass of the aquarium), I'm not reluctant in editing the results a bit, but you'll find all different shots - originals too - on Flickr (link below). 

I'll share three resized (and only slightly edited) versions here. For those of you who'd like to use this one as wallpaper, I'm sharing both the 16:9 version and the 4:3 version (for Surface Pro 3 or Chrome Pixel users :-) Here we go:

And as a bonus...

I'll admit, I'm quite thrilled about these last shots. I'm pretty sure I could have achieved similar results with the Nokia 808 PureView or even one of the high-end Lumia's, but this post is not a comparison. This is just about the fun of working with the Lumix DMC-CM1 - be it in b/w or in the dark, on automatic or manual. There is so much to work with, so much to learn still! I'm sure its potential is much larger than I've been able to experience and share so far...

On Flickr, you'll find many more versions of these same scenes - both the original and the edited ones. Oh, why not - here's the ISO 400 (1/200) shot I captured as well. I brightened it just a little bit. Be sure to check all originals as well. And I didn't add a "watermark" - pun intended :-) You'll find them all here

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