Old and New Barcelona, with the Lumia 1520

During my few days in Barcelona, of course I didn't just shoot pictures at the Mobile World Congress. In this post you'll see a selection of the shots of the old and new Barcelona I captured with the Lumia 1520. Sure, I used other cameras as well, I just used the Lumia 1520 most, since I was - and still am - pretty impressed by what you can achieve with Rich Capture on Lumia Camera.

My guess is you'll see Barcelona as your grandparents might have known it, but also as you've never seen it before. So that's the way I'll share the scenes I captured: from some "classic" scenes (even involving some people, which I hardly ever do as you may know) to some pretty mind-blowing "modern" shots. So - like the previous post - this is no comparison, just about the joy of capturing and sharing. I might be stating the obvious on this site, but once again we should keep in mind these shots were all captured with a smartphone...

I'll begin with a scene that is centuries old, no doubt - inside a large building somewhere in the center of town. I used Rich Capture in almost all shots but didn't apply very much HDR in fact.

And this probably could have been captured fifty years ago...

And no doubt this building - not far from to Las Ramblas - is centuries old as well...

Do you want more details in one shot? I got it:

It's no masterpiece, but I do like the way you can grasp more details from the dark foreground thanks to Rich Capture, so I'll share it anyway

This is a street I captured on my way to the W Hotel, so I'm already near the beach. That's where I captured the next two scenes of people enjoying the good weather on Sunday.

And since I'm there, I guess I should share the famous W Hotel as I captured it...

Now from here, it's a small step to another example of new architecture in Barcelona, the Torre Agbar, near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes. I quote from WikiPedia: "beginning in the early 2000s, and as of 2007, revamping project for Glòries has started, which is aimed to give the square a new role in Barcelona and revitalize the northern districts of the city, under the name  22@." You'll find some amazing new buidlings there, one of the new landmark begin the Torre Agbar:

The weather was pretty bad when I was visiting the area, so the shots are on the gloomy side - but it kind of adds to the atmosphere I guess and you can still get some crispy shots using Rich Capture... like the tower with the new Design Museum called Museu DHUB (which does remind me of an old PC, only larger).

But that's not all you may never have never seen before. I was amazed to see the new Encants Market - and I quote from Barcelonaturisme: "The city’s old flea market, known as the "Encants vells" or Fira de Bellcaire, moved to the other side of the Plaça de les Glòries in September 2013. It now stands on a triangular site between Carrer Castillejos and Avinguda Meridiana. It is housed under a giant aluminium and zinc pergola with a mirrored ceiling that provides shelter for the hundreds of stalls and reflects the kaleidoscope of goods for sale and curious shoppers below."

When you approach it from a distance it look like this:

But when you are not shy using maximum HDR in Rich Capture...

And where everyone is looking for antiques or old stuff that might still be useful, I made dozens of shots from that mind-blowing ceiling.. I'll only share three of my shots here. They look like collages, but nothing was changed to the original shots.

To conclude - and to give you an even better impression of this very old fleemarket under an ultramodern ceiling, I'll share the video I captured with the Nokia Lumia 1520. I had to kill quite a few darlings for this post to share what I think are the best or just most interesting results I got from my days in Barcelona -  I really hope you've enjoyed all of this a much as I did capturing it, and you'll even find a few more shots in a dedicated set on Flickr! :-)