Panasonic survey strongly suggests a new Lumix smartcam is in the making (update)

After buying the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 I directly registered it of course, so now and again Panasonic will send me some information. Some time ago i filled out a survey for them, for which they offered an official lens cover and a 64GB micro-SD card as a token of their appreciation. But that was not the only present: the survey clearly suggests there is a new Lumix Smartcam is in the making. Below you'll find the most interesting questions from the survey.

It was a pretty large survey, so I won't repeat everything they wanted to know in this post - only the things I think are relevant here, especially the ones about why I like the device, how I use it, what I like about it and what improvements I'd like to see. Just about all you read below is a copy/paste from the survey.
Welcome to the survey! You have recently purchased a LUMIX CM1. We would like to ask you some questions about your new purchased device. Your opinion on this new product is very important for us. What do you like and what improvements would you like us to take into consideration? 

For what have you used your CM1 so far?
Taking photos
Recording videos
Making phone calls
Text messaging
Using apps
Browsing the internet.

What do you like in general about your new CM1?    
Total Impression                
Feel of CM1                
Picture Quality of Camera                
Camera functionality in general (Menu, Ease of Use, etc.)                
Smartphone-Functionality in general (Response, connection, Touchscreen Display, etc.)                
Soundquality of phone (Mic, speakers)                
Battery lifetime

What are the key selling points that made you buy the CM1?
General Image quality
Large 1-inch Sensor
Leica lens
Video quality
4K Video resolution
4K Photo: extracting best shot from a 4K video
Direct manual settings (aperture / shutter speed / ISO etc.)
Usability (Control ring / camera button / speed of camera)
Large 4.7 inch display
High resolution of display (1920 x 1080px)
Basic smartphone functionality (phone calls / messaging / internet and apps)
High end smartphone functionality (processor / latest Android OS)
Having LET network speed
Memory extension via Micro SD Card
Overall design
Materials used
Having a smartphone with a high quality camera (2 in 1 concept)
Capturing images in RAW format
Battery lifetime
Others, please specify Please enter an 'other' value for this selection.

What camera functions of the CM1 are you using regularly?
Different Auto focus modi
Manual focusing
Focusing using touch screen
Manual DOF Control via Touchscreen
Using the manual control ring
Using different recording modi (IA mode, P/A/S/M, cretive filters)
Using different Flash-modi
Using Direct manual settings (aperture/ shutter speed / ISO/Whitebalance)
Using Custom Settings (C1/C2)
Using Swipe and Share function (fast upload from playback mode via corners)
Using Shoot modes (Single Image / Burst mode / Selftimer)
Using Touch Shutter
Taking photos by using the shutter button
Using Digital Zoom
Using the "Camera" lever
Photo/video quality
Creative Filter effects
Picture retouching in camera
Raw image capturing
Using high ISO setting in low light
Video capturing FHD (1920 x 1080)
Video capturing 4K (3840 x 2160)
Photo search using map
4K Photo
4K pre-burst
Make phone call
Message sending/receiving (SNS, E-mail)
Backup of Data
Transfer data between devices (Tethering)
Connect social networking services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs)
Send photo using email
IT Telephony (i.e. Skype)
Others Please enter an 'other' value for this selection.
Additional Accessory
Camera Bag
Micro SD Card

Which improvements would you like to see implemented for this product in the future? Please select up to 5 features:
Larger image sensor
Faster Auto focus
Brighter lens
Include Optical Zoom
Interchangeable lens
Improved sound quality when recording video
Built in microphone input jack
Improved image quality of sub-camera (1.1MP)
Optical Image stabiliser built in the camera
Lens cover included to protect the lens
Non extractable lens
Brighter flash
Viewfinder built-in
Longer battery lifetime
Exchangeable battery
Earphones included
More compact design
Slimmer chassis (loosing mechanical buttons like shutter button)
Possibility to add optical filter on lens
RAW processing internally (inside CM1)
Easier User Interface
More internal storage (>16 Gigabyte)
Lighter / less weight
Sound quality when making calls
More advanced features for smartphone
Having a camera bag
Tripod hole on bottom of CM1
Adapter for faster charging of battery
USB cable included
None, it is great as it is

How are you using CM1? Please select all that applies.
I replaced my main smartphone with LUMIX CM1
I am using LUMIX CM1 in addition to my smartphone
I added the LUMIX CM1 to my sub smartphone
I replaced my main camera with LUMIX CM1
I am using LUMIX CM1 in addition to my main camera
I replaced my main smartphone and my main camera with the LUMIX CM1

Which type of camera are you mainly using?
Interchangeable lens camera with mirror (DSLR)
Interchangeable lens camera without mirror (DSLM)
Digital Compact camera
Lumix CM1

What type or subjects do you mainly photograph with the CM1?
Nature and Scenery            
Street photography            
Night Scenery / Low Light            
Notes and memo / documents            

Are you using software or apps to retouch your images?
Yes, often
Yes, sometimes
No, never

Well - that's all I think I need to quote from Panasonic's interesting survey, and I think it's obvious Panasonic doesn't intend to think of the DMC-CM1 as a one time only experiment. Not only do they want to get an impression of how people are using the device and what they like and dislike about it, most importantly is they give no less than 30 (!) possible improvements - and they'll even let you add one more. And that's quite remarkable - I can't recall the Nokia/Lumia imaging team being this curious about how their users actually felt about using their devices.

Anyway, a few weeks later I was happy to receive the fast 64GB micro-SD and the official lens cover, from which I made this close-up with... the Lumix, of course :-)

I wonder what you make of all this. Do you admire the Panasonic's openness and curiosity as much as I do? And does it "prove" to you Panasonic is working on a new Lumix as well? Feel free to let yourself be heard below - that's what the club is for :-)

Update: In a press release, Panasonic announced the Lumix DMC-CM1 will get an update to Android Lollipop in May. Also, a wider availability of the device was promised in Germany and Austria - and other countries. I've been getting in touch with Panasonic to find out which countries are involved.