Introducing Ringcredible: from 3G/LTE/WiFi to anywhere - affordable international calls

This post is not about smartphone photography for once. This is about a service that will enable you to make cheap international phonecalls from your mobile using 3G/4G or your WiFi connection: Ringcredible. We recently started a collaboration with which we hope to be able to support each other. I tried it myself, it works like a charm and I think it's really useful to cut down costs.

Like you're used to from me, I'll write it here as simple as it is: I met the Ringcredible CEO on the plane flying to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company is Dutch too, but for some reason it had always escaped my attention. After the flight however, I was convinced this service might be very interesting for quite a few of my visitors from all over the world here at the Club.

For instance, if you live in India or Africa, it will cost you one cent per minute to make a call with your cellphone to the US, just like from the Netherlands. (starting cost is 5 cent per call). Costs are different depending on the country you are placing your call to - there are about 250 countries to choose from, you can check the prices of the country or countries you need to call at

Now what happens technically speaking is that from your cellphone, using 3G/4G (LTE) or WiFi, you'll be connected to the phone you are calling over a GSM connection. So you can place calls to wherever you like: not just other smartphones.

It works quite simple: you download the app and you'll get a few minutes to try it out for free first. When you place the call people will see your own mobile number. If you're as enthusiastic as I am you can buy more minutes - the amount you buy will be valid for six months, and you can pay using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

Now there is one "but" - the app you need only works on iOS and Android (so not on Windows Phone). I suggested it might be a very interesting way to get even more customers working with Ringcredible, but the CEO isn't convinced yet.

So I have two questions for you here. If you own an Android device or iPhone, please download the app to give Ringcredible a try - I'll get a percentage of whatever you'll be spending using it, which will hopefully get me some income for the Smartcamclub. Second: if it would be available on Windows Phone, would you consider using their services? Please let me know below. You can get the app by clicking on the banner