Video: the Huawei P8 Super Night mode

In this video you will see a demonstration of the Super Night mode of the new Huawei P8. I recently received a sample after the announcement in London and I think it's the same technology we may look forward to in the Honor 6 Plus from which I've seen pretty impressive examples as well already (Honor is a sub-brand from Huawei).

I'm still testing the camera but I don't want to wait sharing this short video in which you will see how Super Night Mode works and what it's capable of. Now I have to add something that's been surprising me a bit. The Super Night mode wil only work on the lowest resolutions.

Worse, if you are used to shoot in 10MP (16:9) and you choose Super Night mode it will switch to 8MP in 4:3 (!). So if you want to make a night shot in 16:9, you'll first have to manually choose the 6MP resolution, only then it will directly choose the same aspect ratio in Super Night mode. There is no way other to switch from 16:9 in 10MP to 16:9 in Night Mode, you'll have to choose 6MP manually first.

However, if you are shooting in 16:9 and don't mind the 4:3 aspect ratio for your nightshot (8MP), you can easily switch between the two. My idea is it would be more practical that the device would switch to the same aspect ratio you're using before choosing Night Mode. Having said that, I'm happy to share the video below and I'm looking forward to your reactions! :-)

Below you'll find two shots I captured with the Huawei P8 - the version in the dark on auto settings (ISO 1000!) and with Super Night mode (ISO 100 as in the video)

If you're curious about the original, you'll find it here on Flickr. Also, do check out the Ringcredible banner in this post as well - you might actually really like what they are offering: cheap international phonecalls from your Android smartphone or iPhone. You'll read more about it in my previous post