Window shopping again - Huawei P8 vs Huawei Ascend P7

In this post you'll see more or less the exact same antique store I captured some time ago with six different smartphone cameras - see the post here. This time you'll see the brand new Huawei P8 compared its predecessor, the Huawei Ascend P7 - for some reason Huawei simply dropped the "Ascend" brand.

Before I'll share the shots I got from both the P7 and P8, I think I have to add the P7 was on its "smart" setting - something you might compare with the "Superior Auto" on Sony's devices. In this case, it "warned" me it would make two shots: normal and HDR - just to make sure I guess.

It's a practical setting I can't find on the Huawei P8 - I did notice the same effect (two shots from one scene) working with the Honor 6 and Honor Holly though, but the software didn't warn me it was going to capure both versions. so that came as a bit of a surprise.

Having said that, I must add the camera UI of the Huawei P8 has seriously improved since the Huawel Ascend P7. My guess is this has to do with the new EMUI (Emotion User Interface), version 3.1 - quite an interesting approach to Android I might add. 

One more thing: in manual settings, I set both devices on ISO 100, being the lowest you can choose. However, if you leave it on auto in fantastic light like this, it will choose ISO 64. That's why I chose to work with the results I got from both on "auto". Are you still reading this? You really must love smartphone photography :-)

Huawei Ascend P7 HDR

Huawei Ascend P7

Huawei P8

I didn't manage to get the exact same part of the scene, but I think you can see the focal length of the P8 is exacty the same as the one on the P7. With its "auto" result, the P8 appears to be somewhere in between the P7 (on the dark side) and P7 in HDR (on the bright side). Of course, I made the same three crops I did in my previous post. I'll just use the "normal" shots I got from the P7 and P8 in the crops I'm going to share next. 

I'll share the crops in "chronological" order - P7 first, P8 second.

There's some difference in sharpness here, but that migt have to do with the focus as well.

Marginal differences again, although I do prefer what I got from the P8 in this case. 

Very close call again I'd say but it looks like the P8 show a bit "cleaner" result. I think I do like the crops coming from the P8 more, but although it does appear to perform better, the differences with the (Ascend) P7 aren't as large as I expected them to be. Let me add the last crop I got from the Galaxy S6 from the previous post and I think you'll see why that result simply has blown me away - it's like if I can almost touch the result.

We shouldn't forget however the Huawei P8 is a lot cheaper than the Galaxy S6 (€499 vs at least €699) so there is a reason for the difference in quality - different sensor size etc. I'm certain however a lot of people will be happy with the result the Huawei P8 shows in this case.

Also, Huawei adds some imaging wizardry like "Super Night" mode with extreme long shutter times, as I've shown in my previous post - something even the Galaxy S6 isn't capable of. Generally speaking, I think I've shown the camera of the Huawei P8 shouldn't be underestimated at all and has improved in comparison with its predecessor. 
I hope to be sharing a lot more about the Huawei P8 in a more extensive review soon - some pretty impressive close-ups for instance and more nightshots, of course. If there's anything specific you'd like to know, don't hesitate to ask.

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