A short business trip to Warsaw

Last time I was in Warsaw was in 2007 and I carried the Nokia N95. I just checked the pictures from back then - in fact they are quite a big different from what we're used to these days, but I can't help noticing the photographer was even a lot worse :-) 

I hope to find the time to be working on some comparisons you appear to like so much. I'll be bringing the Samsung Galaxy S6, Huawei P8, Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 and Lumia 1520. Oh and the 808 PureView, of course. This is a scene I captured with the Nokia N95 eight years ago.
Anyway, I hope to be sharing some (better) stuff on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - so please join me there, I love to see the community grow. Meanwhile, check out this post here and the banner below to see Ringcredible could mean for you.