New poll: which brand offers the most complete smartphone?

It's been a while. The previous poll - what is the very best smartphone camera since 2012 - has been online for ages bringing an overwhelming victory for the Nokia 808 PureView with a whopping 52% of the votes.

Now asking a question like that at this club, the victory for the 808 doesn't really come as a surprise - moreover, I'm still proving how good it is... I'm not surprised by the runners up either, and I don't expect many Apple users to visit this site since I don't own one and can hardly write about it (hollar if you're there).

I am surprised by the amount of votes for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 - must be based on my posts since I can't believe there are 50 people actually using it and reading this site (hope I'm wrong). And I'm surprised fo the low enthusiasm for the other brands: Samsung especially, even the camera centric K Zoom only got 12 votes, whereas the Note 4 even got 40. Also, according to the club visitors, one doesn't need to consider the Sony or LG devices.

But of course, although I do think of the camera as one of the most important features, there's so much more to a smartphone than "just" the camera. There's size, weight, speed, OS, apps, design, price etc etc. So let's hear it: which brand has the most complete package? Which brand do you prefer, which offers the most complete smartphone? You'll find the poll at the right hand side of the page.