Flower shop revisited: LG, Lumia, Samsung and Sony

You've seen some devastating results coming from the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact in my previous comparison and I decided to give it another chance in the exact same flower shop it performed so terrible in. I brought the "usual suspects", in alphabetical order the LG G4, Lumia 950 XL, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and the Sony Xperia Z5. This time, I had all settings on auto, no manual settings, everything "as is". All shots you'll see here are straight from the cam.

Unlike the previous one, this post doesn't need much words and the results speak for themselves. Like always, I made several shots with each device and selected the best. First I will share the resized shots (LG, Lumia, Samsung and Sony) and the three different 640 x 360 crops from all four devices. Here we go.

Resized shots

Color of the LG is a bit too warm, whereas the Samsung and Sony seem a bit too cold to me. But that's personal and may even be dependant on your computer monitor. Now, the crops. I'll share them as close together as possible, so please keep in mind: LG, Lumia, Samsung, Sony.

Crop 1

LG and Lumia performing best no doubt. Samsung underwhelming and Sony very noisy still.

Crop 2

In this part of the shot, LG G4 appears to show most detail. Lumia and Samsung are very close in fact. And the Sony. Well, noisy again.

Crop 3

In each last crop of the Z5, you'll see the detail seems much "closer", which is due to the different focal length of the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact camera: in a street scene for instance, you will get much more in your shot than from the other cameras (see example below, taken from the exact same position)

But concerning the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (similar optics as the larger version), that's about the only advantage I can think of. And it's a shame, really. It's a very charming little device and it feels great due to its special coating on the back. The way Sony is bragging about the camera - being "the best in the world" - is preposterous looking at what I've been sharing now. It's simply nowhere near the competition - and it's not like I've been shooting in an extremely difficult situation. 

In this short comparison (nice for a change, isn't it? :-) I'm especially surprised to see how the LG G4 is performing with everything on auto - seems like I haven't been treating it too well when using it on manual settings, but this may have to do with the display settings... It's something I noticed using the Galaxy S6 edge + as well: it's sometimes hard to judge if the exposure of the scene is in fact best. For instance, if your display is very bright, you'll be tempted to use exposure compensation, leading to end results that appear to be way too dark when you look at them on your computer. Works the other way around as well.

Another interesting thing to see is that the Galaxy S6 edge + isn't performing at its best here - I think it ends in third place this time even. Since I do like the colour rendition best, for me the Lumia 950 XL wins (again), but there is something to be said for the detail as captured by the LG G4 as well. 

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