Visiting Louwman Museum in The Hague, now with the Lumia 950 XL and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +

During my visit to Louwman Museum in The Hague I captured a lot more amazing cars than you've seen in my previous post. After the Fujifilm event we were invited to have a look at the rest of the collection, and also since I brought my Lumia 950 XL and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + that was impossible to resist it. You'll find a selection of what I captured in this post.

Did I mention the Louwman Museum consist of a private collection of cars? The old Mr. Louwman - father of the current owner - made his fortune importing brands like Toyota to Europe, what his passion obviously is all about. It took his son - a just as ardent collector - 15 years to overcome all resistance in the neighbourhood against him building his own beautiful museum to share his incredible collection with the world. Whenever you are in the Netherlands you should definitely pay a visit. 

I've written before that probably due to bright screen settings, I've been tempted to use more exposure correction on the Galaxy than I actually need (or use with the Lumia), so quite a lot of shots of one device turned out darker (like in the previous post but for different reasons). In those cases where the difference simply is too strong, I brightened (or darkened) the shots just a little (using Picasa) to get a similar result. 

I know it's a hightly unusual method for me, but otherwise there would hardly be a point comparing the results at all. However, let's start with a few of the shots I didn't need to edit. Lumia 950 XL first, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge second.

Unedited: resized and crops, Microsoft Lumia vs Samsung Galaxy

Nitpicking maybe, but the Lumia 950 gives a bit better result.

Hmm.... looks like I didn't get the exact same focus with the Samsung Galaxy... What about the grid then?

Much better.

Buckle up for a time warp
The next shots are slightly brightened (Galaxy) or darkened (Lumia) - whatever atmosphere I preferred. Going back to the 19th century, I preferred a darker result, also because the hall were these cars are showns is really dark - almost black, highlighting nothing but the ancient vehicles. I noticed the Lumia is more than willing to get more light in the shot than you might want under those circumstances. Mind you: all these vehicles are behind glass.

Well, to make up for the wrong focus on the Galaxy earlier, only fair to show the same can happen with the Lumia. I didn't get the exact same frame in the next shot, but it will have to do.

A remarkable similar result as far as details are concerned I'd say, only slightly better on the Lumia this time.

Let's step out of the dark ages of automotive industry. This is the 1934 Dodge that started the enormous collection - the kind of car most of us will remember from the movies (and more to come!)

One of my more "succesful" shots - when looking at the amount of praise I got from the the Nothing But A Nokia community on Facebook (join it if you haven't already) and on Twitter, is the next one. Don't know which car it is, sorry, but I adore the colour, which the Lumia definitely seems to nail exactly as it is: bright red.

Please note, I made a slightly brightened version of the Galaxy first because I assumed I had used exposure correction since it was so much darker. The EXIF files however tought me I haven't, so I'll give both the original results in this case - it's a remarkable coincidence since I just checked and I underexposed every other shot from the Galaxy S6 edge + (from -0.2 to -1.4 even).

The Galaxy S6 edge + didn't do as great a job on the colour and the result is way too dark in comparison, but details are actually fine on both looking at just about the brightest part.

Is there more where this came from? Sure, it's hard to find a moment to quit this post (maybe you have already). It's not like I'm the greatest car lover, but I simply love the amount of design that you can admire in the Louwman Museum. Keep in mind these are all owned by one single man building this private museum for them.

I'll just refrain from the crops from now on and share a few of the fantastic cars as captured by both the Lumia 950 XL as the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +. I'll be sharing all on Flickr anyway, so you can check out the details there if you feel so inclined. From here I will try to maintain some sort of a chronological order.


Oh and I promised some more cars from the movies - here's the original taxi from The Godfather..

And here's the ultimate Bond car - as originally used in Goldfinger: it's the real one again!

And to finally conclude this post, a collection like this wouldn't be complete without a Rolls Royce, would it? 

Or maybe you're into the speed cars?

Or maybe you like insane design extravaganza even more?

Oh stop! That's it! It's all there, at the Louwman Museum. And much, much more - great to shoot and even greater to admire with your own eyes. You'll find all originals on Flickr as you are used to. Enjoy!

I have to admit I was exhausted after capturing all this, including what I've shared in my previous post, the one you don't really seem to care about all that much since it's not about smartphones. I will continu to write about other connected cameras though, hope you won't mind too much.

After reopening the club, I've been pretty busy as you may have noticed. This will be my last post for the coming period though - need more time for other things (work for instance), and I won't even be visiting the Mobile World Congress for the first time in I don't recall now many years.

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PS At Louwman Museum you'll find an amazing amount of paintings and other pieces of "car art" (statues, porcelain) as well. Did I mention it was an incredible collection? Let me really finish with some of the vases I captured.