The hunt is over - the red Nokia 808 PureView

Just a very short update to share I'm thrilled to say my hunt for the red Nokia 808 PureView is now over - I received it today. I wrote about it in July 2012 so it took me almost four years to find an original red version. It was offered on a largest second-hand market place here in The Netherlands, I bought it from a Nokia collector who later discovered he sold his red 808 to the founder of PureView Club.

People have been totally surprised - and almost even offended - I sold my white 808 PureView earlier, but I had several reasons to do so. First of all, I didn't feel like always having to compare the newest smartphones to the mighty 808 PureView, since hardly anyone has one anymore. Also, there was a friend who was devastated after his 808 PureView was demolished during repair - and I had more than enough other smartcams to work with. Thirdly: I knew that I could always get one back in due time...

After some people (amongst whom Steve Litchfield) pointed out it's a clear mistake not to have one especially in my case, I decided to look for one - but it had to be the red version this time. So the hunt for the Red Nokia 808 PureView was open again. Luckily, this time it only took me a few weeks, but I have to admit they are very hard to find. This one is from Mexico, in mint condition including all accessories (like a perfectly unusable charger).

So now, for the coming weeks or so, I'll be comparing the results from the Lumia 950 and Nokia 808 PureView, probably the most revolutionary smartphone camera ever. Give me some time, please. Just wanted to let you know it's finally there. 

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