Windows 10 Mobile still can't compete

I wrote part of this in a reaction on someone on the fantastic #NBAN Facebook page (" Nothing but a Nokia") who thought that Windows Phone would be “the best phone experience”. And the longer I thought about that, the less I could agree with it. I’m looking forward to your view on all this. A rare post without any shots - and if you don’t like rants, you should stop reading now.

Even in comparison with Windows 10 Mobile, there is no denying Android and iOS are way ahead, not just in terms of the infamous "app gap" but also in comparison with the apps that are available on WP/WM10. Facebook for instance – why is that still in Beta? - is incredibly slow in comparison, even on the fastest Windows Phone device (I have the Lumia 950 XL myself). 

My wife has been solely on Windows Phone for years (Lumia 830). She learned to live with its limitations, she was quite fond of the Live Tiles and she loved the camera especially. But she got fed up with the lack of apps, so now she uses my Galaxy S6 Edge. And she is just stunned by the speed of every app she already knew from Windows Phone: all of a sudden everything just works and her mobile experience is blazing FAST.

Not to mention she is extremely happy to be able to finally install quite a few apps that were never available for Windows Phone. And I might add I was happy to install HERE Maps on it – a luxury you won’t be finding on Windows Phone anymore soon for some odd reason.

I really wanted Windows Phone to work so much that I made a complete fool of myself promoting the Lumia 920 when it was released, even on national Dutch radio - saying the "app gap" would probably only be a matter of months. And although I have obviously been extremely naieve in my optimism, I only recently experienced a giant let-down when Microsoft even refused to even touch on the subject during its most recent Build Developers Conference – they wouldn’t be discussing Windows 10 Mobile at all. Wow.

I would have hoped and loved it to be otherwise - I tried to support WP wherever and whenever I could. It's Microsoft letting it down however. God knows why. I wrote it before and I'll repeat it forever: the Nokia board ruined the company, not Microsoft. Microsoft is ruining the heritage. Soon there will be no more Lumia. I understand we’re waiting for the Surface Phone. Not sure I am though.

The App Gap will be there forever: developers will never be interested in a mobile OS this small, even if it’s from one of the three tech giants on the planet - Microsoft improved its mobile OS dramatically with Windows Phone (after Windows Mobile sucked in every possible sense of the word) but it's too late: nobody seems to care about it. Not even Microsoft in fact.

Microsoft simply is turning things around, enabling you to do everything you do on your PC on your mobile device as well. So that's why my Lumia 950 XL suits my needs more like a portable PC than as a smartphone - on a sidenote, how often do you visit the Windows Store on your PC of laptop? I don't - ever.

The most important reason I’m still really happy with my Lumia 950 XL is its camera, which does perform as great as expected. Another advantage: I don't have to worry about virusses all that much, that's reassuring as well. But it certainly isn´t the best smartphone I can think of. Windows 10 Mobile simply still can't compete and probably never will.