Windows 10 Mobile Camera now offers Panorama

In case you missed it like I did: an update of Camera on your Windows Phone - most likely Lumia - will now provide you with the possibity to capture panoramas. I was pointed to this post over at  Windowscentral where they appear to be very satsfied with the new option. I have to admit I'm not as enthusiastic.

I just did a test which proved there is some serious processing going on. Even a 4754x1728 file - which should be about 8.2MB if I just count the pixels - isn't larger than 1.2MB. That's about six times smaller, so you can imagine how much detail you will capture when in Panorama mode.

The application only works in portrait mode and you will have to move from left to right. There's one funny thing though, you can actually learn the camera to make a vertical panorama.

First it appears not to really realize what you are doing, stops showing your recording halfway and says it will start saving when it's actually still recording. These effects disappeared after a few tries, so it seems to be learning it can really make a vertical panorama as well.

Due to great contrast light in the office building, the total result is on the dark side, but it's just an example to prove this actually works. 

For now, I won't bother you with crops since they're simply not worth looking at.

In comparison, let's have a look at how the LG G5 captures the same scene with just one click - the wide angle "panoramic" vision (resized to 60%)

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