Ari Partinen raves about Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus

Just a short post to point you to a video Ari Partinen - ex-Nokia imaging team and with Apple for a few years already - is very enthusiastic about. It demonstrates the power of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode, for which you will need the "dual cam" functionality on the iPhone 7 Plus, which apparantly has been updated in December. 

I understand that with the update the Camera+ application on the iPhone 7 Plus will not just support RAW (also on the 6S/6S Plus, SE and 7), but it will let you toggle between different modes, making different use of both lenses on the back (as we have seen with HTC, Honor and Huawei before). 

You can use both as wide angle and as telephoto, or both. I don't have an iPhone 7 Plus here so I can't see how it all works but I understand people are very enthusiastic about it. Among them, of course, Ari Partinen, now partly responsible for Apple's imaging technology. The video he shares show stills that good I actually find it hard to believe they come directly from the device itself. I've asked Ari about it and didn't get a reaction so far so this is to be continued.

You'll see the video below followed by a few screenshots I captured.

Now I made stills from the video in 1080p and resized them to fit this post. So that won't be a perfect way to show them - please make sure to have a look at the original video in best quality and tell me what you think.

As you can see, these portraits really stand out from the background - quality is so fantastic it's almost too good to be true but of course I'll give Ari the benifit of the doubt.

If you have an iPhone 7 Plus with the dual lens and the Camera+ app updated, could you check and see if you can get similar results? I'd be happy to know about it - maybe it'll be fun to share your results in a post here as well. Looking forward to your reactions!