Marques Brownlee smartphone camera blind test

Here's just a very short post to share Marques Brownlee's speedy smartphone camera comparison. I don't know him personally but I do like his style very much - a fast talking New Yorker who doesn't beat around the bush, doesn't make himself more interesting than what he's talking about and he really does know his stuff. 

I was pleasantly surprised by his blind test - he doesn't share any of the smartphone cameras he's using up front, so I won't either. To really make up your mind it's advised to pause the video now and again and of course use the highest possible resolution your system can handle. You may notice his shots aren't exactly the same, but they're certainly comparable. I won't share my favorite here either, so you can watch this for yourself completely unbiased. I would like to know which one is your favorite in the reactions below though, I'll share my own later.