Comparison Nokia 808 PureView with Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and iPhone 4S

How's your Russian? Ours isn't, period. But Google helps a bit, so it might be useful to tip there's a Russian site that as of today has a lot of samples comparing the picture and video quality of the Nokia 808 with that of the Samsung Galaxy S III (!), the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Frankly, we would have liked to see the Sony Xperia S and Nokia's N8 in this comparison as well, but it's a great thing they're already showing some results of both the new Samsung Galaxy S III and of course the 808 PureView this site is all about.

Nokia 808 PureView vs iPhone 4S - in Full HD

We'd love to know how, but the guys at got their hands on the Nokia 808 PureView already a while ago. They decided to compare the video quality with that from the iPhone 4S, both in full HD. Now we know about the size of the 808 PureView´s sensor, so it´s an unfair battle, but it´s still nice to take this not yet released Nokia phone up against one of the most wide spread smartphones on the planet – and not a cheap one either. It's a short and simple video comparison, but just as effective.