Introducing a new project: Visiting Amsterdam

In this short post I'd just like to introduce a new project I've been working on for the past weeks. You must have noticed I love to go to Amsterdam to compare cameras and capture the city in general. I lived in Amsterdam for 25 years and still love to come back whenever I find the time (thank goodness I live nearby).

Recently, it has become my passion to capture not just the gorgeous city, but also its colorful visitors and inhabitants. Hence, I started Visiting Amsterdam on Facebook. Whenever you are visiting Amsterdam yourself - or lucky enough to live there - chances are you'll find your portrait here one day...

If you're on Facebook as well, I hope you'll want to join my travels through the city and enjoy its beatiful people - please hit the famous " like" button if you do! :-)

And the winner of the sealed (!) black Nokia 808 PureView + official black cover is...

November 10, I posted a contest: to  Join the club and win the epic, sealed (!) Nokia 808 PureView + official black Nokia cover. There were over 90 reactions - many people really eager to win the Nokia 808 PureView and the official Nokia cover. Contest closed December 1st and it took me a while to judge all the shots. And the winner is...

Join the club and win the epic, sealed (!) Nokia 808 PureView + official black Nokia cover

Yes, that's right! Here's your chance to win a brand new, sealed Nokia 808 PureView (black). Probably the best smartphone camera Nokia ever produced. The most converged device since the swiss army knife. And that's not all, I'll include the official Nokia cover. In order to win, join the club and join contest! Here's what you have to do.

Nokia 808 PureView shots, albums and memories suddenly reappear on Facebook

Wow, it's certainly cheering quiet a few people up that all the shots they shared on Facebook from their Nokia 808 PureView have suddenly reappeared. I'm not sure what has happened - don't think anyone is ever going to tell me - but a few weeks ago many 808 PureView shots shared in posts (even complete Nokia 808 albums of over a few thousand shots!) suddenly vanished.

Why have Nokia 808 PureView pictures disappeared from Facebook? (2)

Exactly one week ago, I wrote this post about many people noticing their Nokia 808 PureView albums appear to have vanished from Facebook. Since last week more and more users have noticed the same thing happen to their shared memories, whereas others find their shots in a folder called "mobile uploads".