Dream Theater – The Count of Tuscany, cover recorded with the Nokia 808 PureView

I used to play guitar when I was much younger - acoustic and electric - but as Olivier Noirhomme ( @MusicAddict1 on Twitter) writes: "the years passed and I began to play less because of work, social life, etc. It’s kind of sad to have less time for a passion but it probably happens to each of us." I certainly can relate to that.

Nokia Rich Recording an evening blackbird

This is no doubt the most boring video you've ever seen. Just the top of a tree, even the sky is blown-out. So why would I be sharing this result from a Nokia 808 PureView? It's just another way to show you what Rich Recording is capable of - that "other feature" (apart from oversampling and lossless zoom) I really hope we'll find in the next Lumia flagship as well.